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Invitex 3.0.11 is released


We are happy to release Invitex v3.0.11 with a minor improvement along with plenty of bug fixes and security fixes. We have fixed bugs related to invitation methods for Twitter, Yahoo, and Hotmail for their respective plugins. Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading to the latest version.

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Read on for the detailed changelog.



#136760 Generate random CRON key as the default value for configuration instead of a static value


#138267 [Techjoomla API - Twitter plugin]- Invitation using Twitter invitation method is not working
#137590 [Techjoomla API - Yahoo Mail plugin]- Invitation using Yahoo invitation method is not working
#137593 [Techjoomla API - Hotmail plugin]- Invitation using Hotmail invitation method is not working
#138156 [invitation limit-backend] - Unable to update invitation limit.
#138312 [Easysocial integration]- Personal Message Invitation Method:- Invitee's real name is shown even if 'User's Name Format' in EasySocial is configured to show the username.
#129244 [Invitation via SMS-frontend]-User name & number is already prefilled if user click on the additional number button
#136758 Security Fixes

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