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SocialAds v2.9.4 works with Joomla 3.2

    We have released SocialAds version 2.9.5 which contains minor bug fixes for reported bugs. Please check the changelog given below.  Change Log for v2.9.5 - Bugs Fixed Bug #21597: on payment comfrimed by payment plugin , money not shown in walletBug #21601: send mail after confirmed paymentBug #22729: continue btn not working ..when targeting is...

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SocialAds v 2.9.3 Released

SocialAds 2.9.3 is available for download to subscribers. This release fixes the bugs reported in previous version. Below is changelog for same. Compatible with Joomla! 2.5.x & 3.0.x Change Log - Bugs fixed #13217: Configuration for (Auto Play) of video ads#20388: Javascirpt error onclick review ad button. (bid_div is null)#20867: Changes to paymen...

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SocialAds new version 2.9.2 out

    We have released SocialAds version 2.9.2 which contains minor bug fixes for reported bugs. Please check the changelog given below.  Change Log for v2.9.2 - Bugs Fixed - #15651: Images Keep Getting Deleted if joomla site is on Windows server- #18769: use of deprecated toMYSQL,replace with TOSQL- #18893: contextual search for word like new york, ...

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SocialAds 2.9.1 released

  We have released SocialAds version 2.9.1 which contains bug fixes for reported bugs. Please check the changelog given below. Changelog for v2.9.1 - Bugs fixed #17736: data not pre filled if a promote plugins option is selected on create ad#17737: Strict Standards: Non-static method socialadshelper::jschk()#17747: on ad summary page, can't see buy...

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SocialAds 2.7.7 Bug Fix release is here

SocialAds 2.7.7 is a bug fix release . We recommend you update your SocialAds installation immediately so that you can get these fixes. This release also includes some minor changes based on feedback post the 2.7.6 release.  We recommend that you update to this release ASAP.  All Subscribers can download the latest release from the 'My Subscriptions' . For a full Changelog, read on..

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SocialAds 2.7.5 is here with Video Ads, GIF Animated Ads, Affiliate Ads & more !

We are pleased to announce the availability of SocialAds 2.7.5 Stable, which brings some greatly anticipated features to SocialAds. SocialAds has been leading innovation in Joomla Advertising since its inception & can boast of several ground breaking features today. If you are not running Ads on your site using SocialAds, you are definitely missing out. So if you are not on board yet, give it a try today !

Whats New in SocialAds 2.7.5

Video AdsMedia Ads - Support for Flash & Video Ads

SocialAds is probably the only extension offering Video Ads. Besides video, we have also added support for Flash Ads.


Affiliate & Google AdsAffiliate Ad Support

Add some more punch to your site monetization by running Affiliate Ads alongside regular Ads. Support all kinds of Affiliate codes including Google Adsense. Animations Support for Image Ads

You are not stuck with plain old static images any more. Now you can add vibrant GIF animations to your Image/ Media Ads.



Social SharingSocial Engagement & JBolo Integration

With this cool feature, users can now share your ad using Add This. JBolo Integration adds deeper engagement


Payment Slabs

Define Day ranges to let people pay by the week or by the month Recurring payments

Use recurring payments to automatically bill clients on a set cycle.

Backend Ad Editing

Allow your site admins to Edit ads from the admin area.

Improved Promotion Architecture

Easy ability to add Promote anything in a Joomla site with place anywhere widgets. Brings back the much asked for Promote this Group/ Promote this event feature for JomSocial

Allow Ad owners to see their own Ads

One of the features of SocialAds is that it does not allow Ad owners to see their own ads in order to make it fairest to site owners as well as other advertisers. This used to cause some confusion so we now let the admin disable this

Optimized Stats table

Automated archiving of Stats in order to optimize the stats storage & improve performance

Admin Jotpad & Quick to Do list

Single place to see a quick to do list of SocialAds tasks for the admin in the backend.

This is just the Tip of the FeatureBerg !  Checkout the full Changelog here !

Special Offer for Switching to SocialAds

Using another Commercial Joomla Ad Management system ? We have a special offer for you, if you are willing to switch to SocialAds email us the proof of purchace & we'll give you a 30% Discount on your SocialAds purchase.

Not Advertising Using Joomla Yet ?

Dont worry ! Its a good time to start. We are offering you a chance to buy SocialAds at a 15% Discount with the Code EARNWITHJ! . Note that this code is only valid  till 12th of June. So Hurry ! You can also look at getting the Earn with Joomla Pack & save even more !

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SocialAds now available in Danish, Dutch,Swedish,Thai,Portuguese & many more languages !

SocialAds 2.6.3 brings with it support for four new languages thanks to our great Translation partners from Open Translators. Thanks Guys ! In Addition it ships with some minor bug fixes as well. Active subscribers can download the release from the My Subscriptions area. In addition support for Joomla 2.5 is added. Changelog Feature #9757: Add Dani...

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SocialAds 2.6 comes with a Variety of new features

Admin SocialAds Performance DashboardWe are pleased to bring you SocialAds 2.6 - packed with great features for Users, Admins & Developers !  One of the highlights is the awesome new dashboard for admins & site owners to see how much Ads are earning for you.  Plus you now get the power of Targeting plugins & with that you can now allow advertisors to target by JomSocial Profile Types (XIPT/ Native JomSocial) & also JomSocial Groups !

An now you get even more advertisng real estate with Advertising in Emails via J!MailAlerts. 

Thats not all ! Here's a full list of the superb features this release brings you ! We managed to get through over 120 bugs & features in this one !

  • Joomla 1.7 Support
  • Admin Revenue Dashboard
  • Profile Type Targeting plugins - Native & XIPT
  • JomSocial Groups Targeting Plugins
  • Advertising In Email Via J!MailAlerts
  • Show Estimated reach  - Ability to display the estimated number of people your Ad will reach, depending on the targeting chosen. Admins, if the site is new you can offset this amount from the Admin.
  • Performance Dashboard - Give your Advertisors the best . The Manage Ads view is revamped to include more information & a nifty Graph.
  • Weekly Statistics Mail -  Now Advertisers will get a Performance Update of their Ad via a weekly update email !
  • Alpha User Points Payment Gateway - Based on User contribution from Jose Vieira
  • Soft Registration Option for easy Ad creation for guests

For the full details of the changes in this version, please see the changelog below. Developers wanting to extend SocialAds targeting, watch out for our Targetting Plugin development docs coming soon ! Active Subscribers can download the release in "My Suibscriptions"

Not Using SocialAds to Monetize your site yet ? Buy it today

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SocialAds 2.5.1 Bug Fix release is here.

SocialAds 2.5.1 is a bug fix release . We recommend you update your SocialAds installation immediately so that you can get these fixes. This release also includes some minor changes based on feedback post the 2.5 release.  We recommend that you update to this release ASAP.  All Subscribers can download the latest release from the 'My Subscriptions' . For a full Changelog, read on..

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SocialAds 2.5 with radical feature improvements & Joomla 1.6 support is here are super excited to announce the immediate availability of SocialAds 2.5 Code named "Awesome Sondra". This version comes jam packed with some awesome features that we have been teasing you about over the last couple of months. With over 100 features & bug fixes together, this is truly a "Mega" release for us. Besides the coolest of features to help you earn even more money, SocialAds 2.5 is 1.6 compatible & can now also work with a simple Joomla installation sans JomSocial or CB if you do not want Social Targeting. So now Joomla sites without Social networks can also benefit from the awesome ad designer & cool features that we have packed into this release. We have also added partial support for German, French & Italian languages from this release. We are soon introducing a Translation partner program that will help willing people to contribute translations & get free subscriptions in return !

The Major feature additions are as below..

  • Zone Management for full flexibility
  • Ad types ( Text, Text & Image, Image banners)
  • Ad Layouts for full flexibility in Ad Design
  • Zone based pricing
  • Multiple Ads per module
  • Ad orientation ( Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Coupon manager to let you offer promotions to your Advertisors

To read more details of these features & see screenshots, you can read our past 2 blogs"Something Bubling in SocialAds 2.5" & "SocialAds 2.5 features. Another teaser". For an in depth look, head over to read our updated documentation here.  Users with active subscriptions can download the extension immediately. 

Price Change annoucement : Note that starting today the pricing for SocialAds is hiked to 70$ for 6 months & 120$ for 12 Months.  But we have a coupon code which will work till end of May to help you get it at a much lower price. Use the Code : SOCADS35 to get a 35% disount on SocialAds as well as all our other extensions !

Please click on Read more for the Upgrade Instructions ( important !) & the change log.

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SocialAds 2.1 - Bug fix release is out

SocialAds 2.1 is out. This is mainly a bug fix release with no extra features as such. Its a recommended upgrade for all using older version of SocialAds..If you are still on SocialAds 1.X its time you upgraded your installation to the 2.X series which is a major feature upgrade. Those with active subscriptions can find the new release in the My Subscriptions area. Please read on for full change log..

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SocialAds 2.0 Stable is here with CB Support & loads more !

Hey Folks ! We have some great news for all those CB fans out there !
SocialAds 2.0 with support for Community Builder is here ! Now CB based networks will get the ability to use this easy to use tool to monetise their sites.  I am sure this announcement will bring smiles on a lot of faces ! The Beta testing period was extended to ensure that most issues were reported & fixed but its finally here .

Besides the added support for CB, SocialAds 2.0 packs loads of new features as well as tons of Bug Fixes..

New Features include :

1. Community Builder Integration Option
2. Charge per day
3. Fuzzy & Exact Mapping option for Text fields & Targeting Engine Revamp
4. Quick Stats in the Approve Ads view
5. View Ignores & Ignore Stats
6. Offline Payment methods
7. Guest Ads

Read our Blog here for more details on how all the above works & looks !

Read on for the full change log & Upgrade instructions , please read on. The release is available to all subscribers in the My Subscriptions area. P.S. Watch out for a Blog later this week about SocialAds 2.5 Beta ;) Yes 2.5 !

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SocialAds 2.0 Beta 1 Released to Subscribers

The Big Beta of SocialAds that you have been waiting for is finally out in the wild for those willing to test it out. Its very near stable atleast for the JomSocial release. We still want some help testing the CB integration. Our closed beta testers bug reports are already fixed & hence we now present it to you. All our loyal customers who have...

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SocialAds 1.1 is here with , JS Points payment plugins, Promote Groups & events !

SocialAds 1.1 is here & comes packed with some cool new features !  To start with, we are supporting 2 new payment methods. One is meaning you can now have people pay using Credit Cards for the ads & the second is Paying using JomSocial Points ! So those of you who want to use JS Points as the mode of payment, go right ahead !

Next up is easy Promotion of Groups & Events using Social Ads. Simply Click on Promote this Event or Promote this group & get your ad auto created for you based on the group or event information.

Besides these additions quite a lot of bugs reported by clients, internal testers & client beta testers have also been fixed in this release. You can click on read more to see a full change log. Users with active subscriptions can download the new version from my subscriptions menu.


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SocialAds V 1.0.3 release. Update for major bug fix

We apologize for a release so close on the heals of the earlier one. We decided to release this fix release soon as a bug reported was found to be pretty major. We have also pushed in some additional fixes along with. Please update immediately. Click on read more for the changelog ..

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