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SocialAds 2.5 with radical feature improvements & Joomla 1.6 support is here are super excited to announce the immediate availability of SocialAds 2.5 Code named "Awesome Sondra". This version comes jam packed with some awesome features that we have been teasing you about over the last couple of months. With over 100 features & bug fixes together, this is truly a "Mega" release for us. Besides the coolest of features to help you earn even more money, SocialAds 2.5 is 1.6 compatible & can now also work with a simple Joomla installation sans JomSocial or CB if you do not want Social Targeting. So now Joomla sites without Social networks can also benefit from the awesome ad designer & cool features that we have packed into this release. We have also added partial support for German, French & Italian languages from this release. We are soon introducing a Translation partner program that will help willing people to contribute translations & get free subscriptions in return !

The Major feature additions are as below..

  • Zone Management for full flexibility
  • Ad types ( Text, Text & Image, Image banners)
  • Ad Layouts for full flexibility in Ad Design
  • Zone based pricing
  • Multiple Ads per module
  • Ad orientation ( Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Coupon manager to let you offer promotions to your Advertisors

To read more details of these features & see screenshots, you can read our past 2 blogs"Something Bubling in SocialAds 2.5" & "SocialAds 2.5 features. Another teaser". For an in depth look, head over to read our updated documentation here.  Users with active subscriptions can download the extension immediately. 

Price Change annoucement : Note that starting today the pricing for SocialAds is hiked to 70$ for 6 months & 120$ for 12 Months.  But we have a coupon code which will work till end of May to help you get it at a much lower price. Use the Code : SOCADS35 to get a 35% disount on SocialAds as well as all our other extensions !

Please click on Read more for the Upgrade Instructions ( important !) & the change log.

Upgrading from lower versions

a. As always when making major changes, make sure you back up. Though we have tested this extensively, its always good practice to do a backup.

b. SocialAds 2.5 comes with a intelligent Single Zip package which will intelligently install all the required extensions for you.

c. Make sure that When you upgrade from older versions to 2.5 , make sure that you Open the Module & save it again. This is to make sure that the "Default" Zone which is there for backward compatibility with older versions of SocialAds is assigned to it. Unless you do this, your Ads will not show.


Task #4980: module language file not working
Task #4981: buy now button in manageads in 1.6 not working
Task #4983: ad is not showing properly for build ad on review page
Task #5011: zone checking for guest ad not done
Task #5021: Restructure the Control Panel view
Task #5053: HTML validation of Ad view
Task #5076: the image upload does not upload the image in the correct div
Task #5077: the sorting in one view Manage zones affects the other view manage coupons
Task #5106: styling required in the backend for 1.6
Task #5107: If no zones created the ad creation should be as earlier
Task #5108: image is not getting stored in create ad
Task #5109: Make a common installer for SocialAds
Task #5113: unable to fetch module params in the component in 1.6
Task #5114: make the same code work for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6
Task #5115: Create a module param to open the 'create Ad' link in the same page or not
Task #5121: msg display if there is no zone present for the selected AD type
Task #5132: In case of offline plugin payment mails should be sent to the admin and the ad owner
Task #5133: add a parameter for Address in the offline plugin
Task #5233: Change the position of Ad Preview - On hover description needs to be translated if this pption in config is needed at all
Task #5234: Zones for Image Ads shows layout5 by default but the layout is not selectable when editing the zone. is this as expected ?
Task #5235: Default inserted Zones only have image type ads. Should also have only text & text & image ads..
Task #5237: Warnings in Pay by Check plugin with White screen when buying more credits with coupon
Task #5238: Show Invalid coupon code message..
Task #5254: The "X" for ignore should have a tooltip
Task #5255: The ignore "X" should not be seen by guests
Task #5258: Deleting Zones Shows a message warning ads will be orphanned.. but does not delete when you say ok..
Task #5259: The Number of Ads to show in Zone Add/ Edit should be in normal info not Pricing Information
Task #5260: Zone Manager should show Zones that do not have any modules published against them with some icon against them
Task #5261: Zones that have no modules against them should not show up in the frontend
Task #5263: CRITICAL : Major BUG Links have an extra http !
Task #5264: http not getting stripped from the url
Task #5265: Can number of ads be moved to module params ? seems more useful there
Task #5267: Module class prefix needs to be carried forward to the layouts as well..
Task #5272: The About tab needs to be updated..
Task #5277: change the icons in the Control panel view
Task #5284: Admin - in Coupons, "code" -- Should be " Coupon Code"
Task #5285: Ad Zone Create Language Change - Tool tip Change
Task #5286: Layout Shown For Image Should have a better representative image.. the current one shows image & text !
Task #5321: Default Stateof plugins Post Install needs changing
Task #5322: "Title"S - The title column in case of Joomla 1.5 on the Manage Zones page has an issue
Task #3323: Analysis & Planning
Task #3387: Create layouts
Task #3388: Add param for zone at backend
Task #3389: Consider zone in query
Task #3390: Dry runs on different modules
Task #3391: Modifications to module to support Zones
Task #3392: Modifications to module to support Zones
Task #3393: Modifications to GetAdHTML function to use associated Layout
Task #3394: Testing
Task #3398: Select Ad Type. in Create Ad UI
Task #3399: Filter the zone based on Ad type (Logic)
Task #3400: Fetch what layouts are applicable for the Zone
Task #3401: Logic to fetch XML files & Reading the XML files
Task #3402: Constructing the form using the data for the ad zone
Task #3403: Construct On Change function to pass the layout to preview ajax handler
Task #3529: Create Zone
Task #3532: Select Ad Type for the zone
Task #3534: Show other fileds if Ad type=image
Task #3536: Show other fileds if Ad type=text
Task #3537: Show other fileds if Ad type=Text&Img
Task #3538: Show fields if zone based pricing is enabled
Task #3539: Validation
Task #3540: Save the fields if Ad type=text
Task #3541: Save the fields if Ad type=Image
Task #3542: Save the fields if Ad type=Text&Img
Task #3544: show the selected zone view
Task #3546: List Zones
Task #3547: Fetch the data from the db
Task #3548: Show the fields in the list view
Task #3549: Interface of create new zone
Task #3550: Interface of zone view
Task #3551: Implementation of pagination
Task #3641: select Ad which have no existing zones(orphan ads)
Task #3642: Add Filter for orphan ads
Task #3643: Onchanging zones it will be relates to that ads
Task #3747: No ad name for ads of ad type 'image'
Task #3748: Upgrade script for the zones
Task #3749: Apply constrains of the max limits for title & body also while showing the ad in module
Task #3750: link in CP for manage zones
Task #3751: show active ads against the zones in manage zones
Task #3752: change the styling of msg for JS points
Task #3753: show Ad type and Zone in the managead view (Ad edit form)
Task #3754: show default image for ad type 'image' in build ad view
Task #3755: on delete zone display msg for orphan ads
Task #3756: when only one zone creation should work the original..
Task #3757: show zone against the ads in the Manage Ad view
Task #3759: Indication in the CP if the targeting is done and any one payment plugin is enabled
Task #3760: Re- arrangement of the list view of Manage zones
Task #3761: Apply width & height to the img according to the zones
Task #3792: Create Coupons Validation
Task #3797: Give tooltips to all the titles of zones and coupons in admin
Task #3880: hide the radio button for layouts for img ad type in buildad
Task #3881: restore the adtype & layout when clk on Create ad link
Task #3882: backend config for pricing selection
Task #3883: put language constants for coupon manager
Task #3884: show the setup status in seperate tab in CP
Task #3885: Changes in Zone mananger and Build ad for the pricing changes
Task #3886: changes to ad view files if the layout plugins are not installed
Task #3887: Zone should be published by default
Task #3888: Add publish/unpublish radio option on zone form
Task #3889: Create ad link not showing in the module
Task #3892: Display msg on targeting form..indicating a msg for "blank targeting"
Task #3894: conversion of Amt in case for coupon for JS points purchase
Task #3895: Changes in Review Ad and also for Buy more credits for "Coupons"
Task #3939: show images of layout in front end and backend
Task #4486: build ad default image resize according to the image dimensions of zone
Task #4487: create config for editable ad-type & zone..if build ad via create ad link
Task #4488: Config for position Ad preview
Task #4702: Change layout of add summary view
Task #4982: images not showing properly at administrator and also add setup checklist tab for socialads

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