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# Article Title
1 Migration of Ads according to Payment Model
2 Configure Contextual Ads & Search Ads with SocialAds
3 Beta Docs for SocialAds 2.9 Campaigns & Budgets
4 Showing Ads on Specific Joomla Pages or Menus using Zones
5 Creating and Configure Paypal Pro account
6 Configuring Common Payment Gateway
7 Creating and Configuring 2checkout account
8 Creating and Configuring Linkpoint account
9 Creating and Configuring Authorise.net account
10 Creating and Configuring Test Paypal
11 Ad Types Supported in SocialAds
12 FAQs for SocialAds
13 Building Promote plugins
14 Building Layout plugins for SocialAds
15 Installation
16 Basic Configuration
17 Zones & Modules
18 Setting up Targeting
19 Configuring Payment Plugins for SocialAds
20 Setting up the Promotion Plugins
21 Sending Ads in Emails using J!MailAlerts, Invitex & Email Beautifier
22 Setting up Targetting Plugins with SocialAds
23 SocialAds Features
24 Using Coupons
25 Managing SocialAds
26 Configuring SocialAds
27 User Documentation
28 Screenshots
29 SocialAds JomSocial Integration - Publishing Ads inside JomSocial, JomSocial Promotion plugins etc
30 Using Advanced Module Manager for finer control on SocialAds display
31 Sending Weekly Stats Mail to Advertisers

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