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SocialAds For JomSocial is here !

The wait is finally over. SocialAds for JomSocial is out ! A big thank you to the beta testers in helping bring out this release. SocialAds is a intelligent Ad Targeting component for JomSocial. Inspired from Facebook Ads, this extension lets users quickly create advertisements & target them to a specific section of users of the Social Network....

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SocialAds calling for Beta Testers

SocialAds for JomSocial is finally into Beta ! We are accepting beta tester applications for SocialAds.

With Social Ads for JomSocial, you can create Facebook like demographically targeted ads to show on Your JomSocial Site. This extension allows advertisers to create their advertisement , Target the users they want to show the advertisement to, Decide if they want to pay by impressions or per click, Pay online & get the advertisement started up right away !

Read more about it here .

We shall be selecting a total of 5 beta testers from the applications. Currently SocialAds supports only JomSocial. So make sure you have a JomSocial site when you apply.

Please click on read more to see the Beta testing schedule & to apply as a Beta tester.

Beta Testers shall receive a 40% off coupon for SocialAds when it goes live.

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