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SocialAds 2.1 - Bug fix release is out

SocialAds 2.1 is out. This is mainly a bug fix release with no extra features as such. Its a recommended upgrade for all using older version of SocialAds..If you are still on SocialAds 1.X its time you upgraded your installation to the 2.X series which is a major feature upgrade. Those with active subscriptions can find the new release in the My Subscriptions area. Please read on for full change log..

Change Log

#4407 -Getting warnings on installation
#4214 - Grouping of the fields in the admin settings view
# 3980 - msg "File Uploading Please Wait..." make language constant
#4578 - only image shown in new page when ad creation in IE8 n IE7
#4596 - error \"altabutton is undefined\" when click on guest ad
#4684 - no SEF for create Ad link
#4331 - on review ad clk only image is shown on new page
#4295 - img not shown on showad page(changes in helper file)
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