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Invitex 2.0 with loads of new features including LinkedIn API invitations & Joomla 1.6 support released.

Invitex 2.0

Invitex 2.0 comes with a host of new features & loads of bug fixes. The biggest of the features are a new Invite Method called Social Networks which uses native APIs to import contacts & send invites, which is extendible via Plugins. In this series, the first plugin we have is for LinkedIn ( Facebook shall be added real soon !) . Also added is support for Social Network plugins from Open Inviter.

Besides this, we have support for JomSocial & Alpha User Points, a brand new email template, Invitation expiry, a plugin event to allow integration with Affiliate programs ( We have worked with Dioscouri on this one for their Amigos Affiliate system) , ability to select allowed Invite methods, a revamped admin with easier configuration & best of all ability to send emails via a system plugin for those who dont want to go into the trouble of setting a cron job.  Phew ! Thats quite a list.. But thats not all.. It comes with a ton of bug fixes & UI improvements. And last but not by any means, the least... is native support for Joomla 1.6 ! Yay ! This is our first 1.6 release :)  Please read on for the full change log. Subscribers can download the release from My Subscriptions. The documentation has been updated but the screens in the same shall be updated shortly. Have fun with the mega release !


Task #4416: Only 1 layout file for send invites page
    Task #4417: Allow sending friend request to people who are already registered
    Task #4493: Single form for all types of import mechanisms
    Task #4537: API - Show all contacts preselected
    Task #4538: Show default message in the message box
    Task #4539: Limit the number of times any user can receive a message from API
    Task #4584: Save only inivtee id instead of email & refid
    Task #4585: Backward compatibility with old invitex
    Task #4586: Admin - Update statistcs view to reflect new table design
    Task #4587: Frontend - Update statistcs view to reflect new table design
    Task #4588: Invitex flow testing
    Task #4658: geting set of errors when one try to import contacts from gmail
    Task #4788: Notices in latest version.. when you are trying with Ymail & there are no contacts..
    Task #4793: Layout of API view needs changes & related bugs
    Task #4795: The imported contacts view does not look good
    Task #4796: Message preview window issues
    Task #4797: Errors change view on which we are
    Task #4798: Default image in case of no image in case of API needs to look better
    Task #4799: Do you think LinkedIn Contacts ( API) need a vertical scrol ? Page becomes very long
    Task #4800: HTML Preview is shown for the API method & the SocialNetworks import should be text preview as per template in admin.
    Task #4805: Add option in admin config to chose Invite Methods
    Task #4806: Database error with Debug on in Invitex Admin
    Task #4808: Ordering Change & new options in Configuration in Invitex
    Task #4809: Database error on Invitex Stats with Debug on
    Task #4814: hide social networks from menu if NO such plugin (apis) installed
    Task #4821: install plugins via common installer (i.e. install while component)
    Task #4828: Get avatar changes
    Task #4838: Invitex menu header in Joomla 1.6 create menus is in small case.. should be in sentence case
    Task #4839: Joomla 1.6 Invitex Menus in admin are all small case.. should be sentence case..
    Task #4840: Joomla 1.6 By Default all options for invite methods should be checked..
    Task #4848: joomla 1.6 --Statistics tab gets stuck on requesting from even when there is no data. Charts should be rendered only where there is data
    Task #4851: joomla1.5 Need to include the JomSocial Menu plugin in the Joomla 1.5 package in case ppl use lower than JS 2.2
    Task #4852: Joomla1.5 Extra layouts available when creating in menu for invitex . need to overide using a metadata.xml
    Bug #4818: Cookie path in invitex config should be set to Joomla temp folder path
    Bug #4841: Joomla 1.6 By default in config, Invite only registrations should be "No"
    Bug #4843: joomla 1.6 .. Save & close is only saving.. not closing
    Bug #4844: joomla 1.6 Close button in config view (admin) is not working it saves instead of closing
    Bug #4866: Plugins say installed Z& published in installer but are not published..
    Feedback #4846: joomla 1.6 In Social Network Template do ' need three \\\ before them or is it a mistake ? : "If you don\\\\'t wish to "

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