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SocialAds 2.7.7 Bug Fix release is here

SocialAds 2.7.7 is a bug fix release . We recommend you update your SocialAds installation immediately so that you can get these fixes. This release also includes some minor changes based on feedback post the 2.7.6 release.  We recommend that you update to this release ASAP.  All Subscribers can download the latest release from the 'My Subscriptions' . For a full Changelog, read on..

Change Log:

Bug #12427: image seen in Ad for ad type text
Bug #12463: fatal error on ignore page for a ad
Bug #12484: js error submitform undefined on manage ad create/delete ad click
Bug #12486: incorrect action url for backend settings view
Bug #12487: affiliate ad type not seen in select box in Create Ad view
Bug #12491: Payment Plugin name parameter not used when showing plugin
Bug #12492: language constant missing in plugin lang file for payment byorder & bycheck
Bug #12493: js alert in pay bycheck plugin
Bug #12499: the article id box not seen in config backend
Bug #12505: removed use of DS from image src
Bug #12523: js error on managed and adsummary view if 'DELETE_AD' lang string contains aphostrophe (')
Bug #12551: per day Ad seen one day more than the set date range
Bug #12552: do not show buy more button for per day ADs show it only if the Ad is expired

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