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InviteX 2.4.4 Beta2 out for testing

Hi guys! We have come up with another Beta of Invitex for you to test. This beta has Per User Invitation Limit , Any invite URL support. Here's a changelog of the same Features in 2.4.4 Beta 2 Per User Invitation Limit supportAny invite URL supportAllow admin to delete the Invitations in backendAllow admin to Select/deselect "Invite using URL" meth...

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Invitex 2.4.4 beta1 Released

Hey Everyone, Based on the feedback we have had over the last few weeks, we have come up with another Beta of Invitex for you to test.  Here's a changelog of the same.. More features are in the pipeline, we shall be doing a Subscriber connect about it very soon so that we can get your feedback. Changelog:Features:1. Invite During Registration ...

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Invitex 2.4 Beta 3 is here for testing!

Beta3 for Invitex 2.4 is ready for testing. Note that this is a Beta & should not be used on live sites. However we invite you to Download it & take it for a test drive ! This release is pretty close to stable.. But we decided to wait till end of this week to let you guys take it for a roll & confirm that for us. If all is well, we...

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Invitex 2.4 Beta 2 Released for Testing

Invitex Beta 2 is available for testing for Subscribers. We need your help to test . So download & test away ! Note that its not recommended to use this release for live sites. Some of the most sought after features like Registration during Invitation, Twitter Invites & Facebook Wall Invitations are included in this release. Changelog Featu...

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Invitex. What Features do you want next ? We are listening !

We believe that great products with Awesome features can only be created if we listen to our custommers. We get lots of feedback already via tickets. But that doesn't lead to a discussion.. To streamline this process & increase subscriber-developer communication, we are starting a new Blog & Newsletter series called as Subscriber Conne...

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Quick Look at Invitex 2.1 - Pre release screens

This release has taken much longer than planned.. But we have added some awesome features that i am sure will make the wait well worth it ! Invitex 2.1 is coming with a snazy Facebook like look, ability to add Imported contacts if they are already on the site, Invite Anywhere - A system to allow you to use  Invitex for Inviting peopel to pract...

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Sneak Preview at Invitex 2.0

Its been a long time since we did a release of Invitex. We have been hard at work and as of today more than 45 major & minor issues being solved & more than 10 new features, this promises to be a release you all will love ! Since a lot of our users have been asking us about whats coming, we are blogging about this release today. Also note t...

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Cool Screenshots of the upcoming Invitex extension

We cant wait to show you the new Invitex extension.. Check out the cool screen shots :)  

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Invitex 2.0 with loads of new features including LinkedIn API invitations & Joomla 1.6 support released.

Invitex 2.0

Invitex 2.0 comes with a host of new features & loads of bug fixes. The biggest of the features are a new Invite Method called Social Networks which uses native APIs to import contacts & send invites, which is extendible via Plugins. In this series, the first plugin we have is for LinkedIn ( Facebook shall be added real soon !) . Also added is support for Social Network plugins from Open Inviter.

Besides this, we have support for JomSocial & Alpha User Points, a brand new email template, Invitation expiry, a plugin event to allow integration with Affiliate programs ( We have worked with Dioscouri on this one for their Amigos Affiliate system) , ability to select allowed Invite methods, a revamped admin with easier configuration & best of all ability to send emails via a system plugin for those who dont want to go into the trouble of setting a cron job.  Phew ! Thats quite a list.. But thats not all.. It comes with a ton of bug fixes & UI improvements. And last but not by any means, the least... is native support for Joomla 1.6 ! Yay ! This is our first 1.6 release :)  Please read on for the full change log. Subscribers can download the release from My Subscriptions. The documentation has been updated but the screens in the same shall be updated shortly. Have fun with the mega release !

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Invitex 2.2 is here with native plugins for Hotmail,Gmail & Yahoo !

invitex api

Invitex 2.2 is here !

Invitex 2.2 is a ground breaking release as we introduce 3 new Native API plugins - Hotmail,Gmail & Yahoo. We have already had LinkedIn for a few months now.

Besides this we have added support forJ!MailAlerts Plugins - which means now you can add dynamic content like latest photos, videos, users etc into your Invite emails to promote your site to the people invited.

SocialAds support inside Invitex Emails is another awesome feature we have added to help you monetize your site even more !

New Features

  • Hotmail Native API Plugin
  • Yahoo Native API Plugin
  • Gmail Native API Plugin
  • LinkedIn Plugin rewrite
  • Ads in Email via SocialAds
  • J!MailAlerts Plugin Support in emails

New Pricing

Please note that prices for Invitex have been hiked to 45$ & 80$ respectively for the 6 Months & 12 month support Subscriptions. Users with Active subscriptions can download it rightaway !

 Read on For the full changelog

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Invitex 2.3 brings Facebook, Orkut Invitations & more !

InvitexFacebook pulled a fast one on us a few months back by changing its API & removing messaging support. This meant that we had to re factor a lot of the way Invitex works so that we could get it to work with the Facebook API.
Finally after a long wait, Invitex 2.3 is here with the native API plugin for Facebopok & Much more !  Besides these major features, a number of code improvements & bug fixes are included in this release.

Existing Subscribers can download from the My Subscriptions menu. If you are not Using this awesome Viral Invitations system yet, Get it now !

New Features in Invitex 2.3

alt   Invite Facebook Friends
The Native API plugin for Facebook allows users to invite their Facebook friends to your site
alt   Invite Orkut Friends
Native API plugin for Orkut to allow users to invite friends from Orkut to your site.
  Referral Link Invitations
Invite Friends using a user specific link & track who joins because of you ! Read More about this feature here.
alt   JomSocial tool Bar Display
If you are using Invitex with JomSocial, then now with this option you can show the JomSocial Menu ( Toolbar) on the Invitex pages as well so that the end user feels that he is within JomSocial.


Read on for the Full change log.

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Invitex 2.4.4 Out - Invitation Reminders, Unsubscribe Control, JomSocial Messaging in Invite Anywhere,User Limits & more !

Invitex 2.4.4 is here & it brings some really exciting new features. We feel that having a clear goal about a product is extremely important in making the product a success. And that goal has to be in sync with your goal as a site builder !

The Invitex Goal is simple.

" Invitex should do anything & everything necessary to increase the User base of a Website"

And thats exactly what we do :) . Lets take a look at Whats new in Invitex 2.4.4.

New in Invitex 2.4.4

1340608699 mailreminderInvitation Reminders - Manual & Automatic

Manual Reminders : Now Admins can Manually send Invitation reminders from the backend interface. They can filter Invitations sent by date & chose whom to send Invitation Reminders. The Invitation content can be controlled via a separate Invitation template.

Automated Reminders : You can also set Invitation reminders to go out automatically after set delays without having to worry about sending them manually. You can set the first reminder to go after X Days & then repeat 'N' reminders every 'D' Days after that ! The standard Invitex cron takes care of sending these too !

js Logo biggerJomSocial Friend Invitations as part of Invitex Anywhere

This fills a major gap in Invitex anywhere, now allowing you to completely replace the native JomSocial Invitations system with Invitex. Whatever you are using Invitex Anywhere with- Be it Groups, Events, SOBI Business Listings or Joomla Articles, you can now let users Invite their friends on the website using the Invitex Interface. Invites are sent via JomSocial PMs.

1340608760 button cancelManual Control on Unsubscribe List

The ability to Unsubscribe is a very important feature from the perspective of end users. The respect for a website grows in the mind of an end user when they see an option to unsubscribe from any kind of a site email. Sometimes it may be necessary for the admin to manually add or delete users in the Unsubscribe.

1340609903 unknownCustom Invitation Landing Page Support

Now you can set any page on your website as the Landing page after a user is invited to your website. No need to compulsorily show the Joomla/ JomSocial/ CB Registration page. You can make your own beutiful landing pages & greatly increase the conversion rate !

1340609744 lockPer User Invitation Limit

Want to built that exclusivity & restrict number of Invites sent on a per user basis or want to give certain users the ability to send more invites ? The Per User Invitation limit lets you do that. If set, this will override any global Invitation limit for that specific user.

Other Features in 2.4.4

  1. Allow admin to delete the Invitations in backend
  2. Allow admin to Select/deselect "Invite using URL" method.
  3. Invite During Registration should be optional. Ability to Skip.
  4. Provided Instructions in plugin backend advising "How to get APP ID and APP secret key"
  5. Added Footer and Jomsocial toolbar for the namecard view.

Read on for the full changelog

Get on Board & experience Invitex today & the get the most cutting edge & innovative Viral Invitations system for your Joomla site today & its very affordable too !
45$ 6 Months Subscription | 80$ 12 Months Subscription. Buy Now !

Get a 10% Changeover Discount

You have already Invested in a competing Invitations system & want to now switch to Invitex ? We have a sweet deal for you ! Email us the proof of purchase to [email protected] & we will give you a 10% change over discount coupon. This coupon is also valid on our other products.

Recommended Integrations

If you are using Invitex or planning to use it, we recommend you also go in for the following products.

People Suggest - Improved Suggestions with Imported contact analysis

People Suggest has a Invitex integration feature which lets you use Invitex import data to Suggest new friends to your website users. The Imported Contacts Analysis method is successfully used by Facebook as one of its many suggestion algorithms. People Suggest coupled with Invitex can give your users an enhanced Suggestion experience. Read more about this feature here . Read More about People Suggest here.

SocialAds - Ads in Emails

In a viral invitation system, your Invitation emails are sent to scores of people who might never have heard about your site or visited. These emails are potential advertising real estate for you ! Increasing the advertising reach many fold, Invitex emails are a great place to push ads from your site in. If you are using SocialAds, you can setup AdsInEmail today ! Read  Monetizing your Invitaton Emails . Read more about SocialAds.

j!MailAlerts Plugins - Rich targeted email content to increase conversions

J!MailAlerts plugins are supported in Invitex allowing you to send Rich, targeted content in your Invitation Emails. Latest Site users, Latest Photos of the Inviter, Latest site News.. The list is pretty long as to what can be sent. Dynamic content that the Invitee can relate to is a sure shot way to make that conversion. Use this intelligently like Facebook & LinkedIn do & you will see steady growth in conversions. These can also be used in Invitation reminders.
Paid J!MailAlerts plugins
(General) | JomSocial Specific Plugins | Free J!MailAlerts plugins.

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Invitex 2.6 is here ! - Facebook Request Invites, Automated Invitations & Much more !!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Invitex 2.6 which comes with the much awaited Facebook "Request" Invites and some really powerful features like Automated Intelligent Invitations, Google Analytics Integration & much more !  Here is a quick snapshot of the added features. Plus Invitex 2.6 is fully compatible with JomSocial 2.8 .

Facebook Request Invitations

In line with our commitment to give you the best & the latest in Invitations, we have updated our Facebook API plugin to now support Facebook Request Invitations which is the latest suggested method by Facebook to send invites.


Automated Intelligent Invites

This is similar to the email Facebook sends “ Do you know Meg, Ryan, Sally ? ”

Automated Invite

Borrowing on some of the logic we use in our People suggest system for "Imported Contact Analysis" , Invitex can now send automated emails to people who are not on your site yet, but are very likely to know a few people on your site. For this, you need to turn on "Store Imported contacts" in Invitex configuration. This is a revolutionary feature that will make your site as intelligent as Facebook :) & drive even more traffic !

In Addition a few more features which you will find pretty interesting are added.

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Admin control on the order of Invitation methods in the frontend
  • Ask user to "Resend" Invites to previously Invited Email Addresses
  • [INVITER_NAME] and [INVITER_UNAME] tags to show Inviter name or Inviter Username in the Invitation  
  • JomSocial 2.8 Compatible

Read on to go through the complete changelog.

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Invitex v2.8 is Here !


Taking Invitations to a whole new level with Invitex v2.8

The wait is over.. Invitex v2.8 is ready and released with interesting lot of new features you have been waiting for!

Quick glimpse of Features:

3Better Bootstrap utilization and AWESOME NEW UI 

This version brings an awesome bootstrap styling & a new layout to give your site viral invitation tool an irresistible new look ! The old layout is revamped plus we have added a nice new one as well !

Let your Guests send Invitations with Captcha protection

Any visitor/guest user on the site can now invite their friends on the site. All they have to do is enter their name and email and use Invitex.


Social Network Batching

Making requests to different Social Networks in batches so that the users have a seamless experience while inviting their friends.
The limitations that many Social Networks on the number of Messages or notifications we can send using their OAuth APIs. is handled in this batching process.  Which means that a user can invite all the LinkedIn and Twitter friends in one go. However, the application will send these messges to respective network in batches so that your app does'nt hit its limits !

7Display Selected contacts in a separate tab, in the Invitation Flow

If you are popular, you will probably have thousands of contacts in your gmail or facebook. With so many contacts, it becomes hard to remember which ones you selected to Invite to the site. This feature will show the selected contacts in a separate tab making it much better from a usability perspective.

Ability to redirect to Invitation on Login with the ability to Skip

Remind your users to send out a few invitations after each login. This feature will allow you to redirect users to the Invitations page immediately after login & ask them to send Invitations. They can skip this ofcourse. Settings will also allow you to let this happen every time or Randomly.

altUser Information Plugin for Rich Personalised Landing pages

Introducing a new content plugin to make the custom landing pages for Invitex using a Joomla Article & any custom content much more rich and awesome.

There's much more to this release so read on to see what else we have in this awesome release . Plus there is an awesome discount too !

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Invitex v2.8.2 is out with Easysocial Integration!

We are very glad to announce the release of Invitex v2.8.2 which adds support for Stack Ideas's brand new Easysocial. Besides adding tight Easysocial integration we also have a improved Payplans integration. Plus bugs reported in the earlier releases are fixed as well! Get it Today !    Read on for the complete changelog. Invitex version ...

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