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Invitex 2.4.4 Out - Invitation Reminders, Unsubscribe Control, JomSocial Messaging in Invite Anywhere,User Limits & more !

Invitex 2.4.4 is here & it brings some really exciting new features. We feel that having a clear goal about a product is extremely important in making the product a success. And that goal has to be in sync with your goal as a site builder !

The Invitex Goal is simple.

" Invitex should do anything & everything necessary to increase the User base of a Website"

And thats exactly what we do :) . Lets take a look at Whats new in Invitex 2.4.4.

New in Invitex 2.4.4

1340608699 mailreminderInvitation Reminders - Manual & Automatic

Manual Reminders : Now Admins can Manually send Invitation reminders from the backend interface. They can filter Invitations sent by date & chose whom to send Invitation Reminders. The Invitation content can be controlled via a separate Invitation template.

Automated Reminders : You can also set Invitation reminders to go out automatically after set delays without having to worry about sending them manually. You can set the first reminder to go after X Days & then repeat 'N' reminders every 'D' Days after that ! The standard Invitex cron takes care of sending these too !

js Logo biggerJomSocial Friend Invitations as part of Invitex Anywhere

This fills a major gap in Invitex anywhere, now allowing you to completely replace the native JomSocial Invitations system with Invitex. Whatever you are using Invitex Anywhere with- Be it Groups, Events, SOBI Business Listings or Joomla Articles, you can now let users Invite their friends on the website using the Invitex Interface. Invites are sent via JomSocial PMs.

1340608760 button cancelManual Control on Unsubscribe List

The ability to Unsubscribe is a very important feature from the perspective of end users. The respect for a website grows in the mind of an end user when they see an option to unsubscribe from any kind of a site email. Sometimes it may be necessary for the admin to manually add or delete users in the Unsubscribe.

1340609903 unknownCustom Invitation Landing Page Support

Now you can set any page on your website as the Landing page after a user is invited to your website. No need to compulsorily show the Joomla/ JomSocial/ CB Registration page. You can make your own beutiful landing pages & greatly increase the conversion rate !

1340609744 lockPer User Invitation Limit

Want to built that exclusivity & restrict number of Invites sent on a per user basis or want to give certain users the ability to send more invites ? The Per User Invitation limit lets you do that. If set, this will override any global Invitation limit for that specific user.

Other Features in 2.4.4

  1. Allow admin to delete the Invitations in backend
  2. Allow admin to Select/deselect "Invite using URL" method.
  3. Invite During Registration should be optional. Ability to Skip.
  4. Provided Instructions in plugin backend advising "How to get APP ID and APP secret key"
  5. Added Footer and Jomsocial toolbar for the namecard view.

Read on for the full changelog

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Recommended Integrations

If you are using Invitex or planning to use it, we recommend you also go in for the following products.

People Suggest - Improved Suggestions with Imported contact analysis

People Suggest has a Invitex integration feature which lets you use Invitex import data to Suggest new friends to your website users. The Imported Contacts Analysis method is successfully used by Facebook as one of its many suggestion algorithms. People Suggest coupled with Invitex can give your users an enhanced Suggestion experience. Read more about this feature here . Read More about People Suggest here.

SocialAds - Ads in Emails

In a viral invitation system, your Invitation emails are sent to scores of people who might never have heard about your site or visited. These emails are potential advertising real estate for you ! Increasing the advertising reach many fold, Invitex emails are a great place to push ads from your site in. If you are using SocialAds, you can setup AdsInEmail today ! Read  Monetizing your Invitaton Emails . Read more about SocialAds.

j!MailAlerts Plugins - Rich targeted email content to increase conversions

J!MailAlerts plugins are supported in Invitex allowing you to send Rich, targeted content in your Invitation Emails. Latest Site users, Latest Photos of the Inviter, Latest site News.. The list is pretty long as to what can be sent. Dynamic content that the Invitee can relate to is a sure shot way to make that conversion. Use this intelligently like Facebook & LinkedIn do & you will see steady growth in conversions. These can also be used in Invitation reminders.
Paid J!MailAlerts plugins
(General) | JomSocial Specific Plugins | Free J!MailAlerts plugins.


  1. Ability to add manually to Unsubscribe list
  2. Add New invite type for JomSocial Messaging
  3. Admin Feature to send Automated Reminders to people who havent registered yet
  4. Admin Feature to send Reminders Manually to people who havent registered yet
  5. Per User Invitation Limit support
  6. Custom Invitation landing page support
  7. Allow admin to delete the Invitations in backend
  8. Allow admin to Select/deselect "Invite using URL" method.
  9. Invite During Registration should be optional. Ability to Skip.
  10. Provided Instructions in plugin backend advising "How to get APP ID and APP secret key"
  11. Added Footer and Jomsocial toolbar for the namecard view.


  1. Tags are not getting replaced in Message subject  
  2. Manual import is giving "Error in loading document" message for every email address entered.
  3. The different invitation tabs do not close once they have been opened in IE (tested in IE 8 and 9).
  4. Jomsocial toolbar css breaks when shown in invitex in templates like Rockettheme.
  5. Resolved: the avatar in the namecard view does not have SEF URL.
  6. Facebook API throwing "User not visible" error and returning to "505" page
  7. The sitename is not getting included in the allowed domains,though the respective parameter is set to "yes" in backend.
  8. Error in backend invitations sent view: "JUser: :_load: Unable to load user"
  9. Getting an error "Error loading document" while using manual import.
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