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Shika 1.3.14 brings Paid course report, tag based course display and lesson image field for quizzes & exercises


We are happy that we have yet another feature packed Shika release getting released today! Key highlights are - Paid course report, Tag-based course display, Image field support for the quiz, exercise, and feedback lesson types.

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Paid course report

WIth Shika 1.3.14, we have introduced a new Paid Course Report. This report is powered by TJ Reports that serves as the central reporting engine for all the Techjoomla products. Paid course report gives a complete overview of the different users enrolled in the different paid courses.

Supporting lesson layout

User will get an option for selecting lesson layout and also users can design their own layout with this release.

Tag-based course display

Tags are extremely vital in grouping courses that belong to the same topic and also in effectively organizing the content. With the LMS course display module, users can display all the courses having the same tag(s) on a single page. We have provided more flexibility to the users to decide the category and number of courses to be displayed on the page.

Image field support for quiz, exercise and feedback lesson types

With this release, we have added a lesson image field for the quiz, exercise, and feedback lesson types. Lesson creators can now add an image of their choice for multiple lesson types like quiz, exercises, and feedback.

Added username column in user report also registration date and last login columns in the student course report

We have enhanced the user report and student course report by adding the username column and

Registration date and last login columns in the student course report respectively.


+ Feature Added (5):

  • ​#​146525 Introduced new report: paid course report
  • ​#​145742 Tag support in the module
  • ​#145739​ ​Image field support for Quiz, Exercise and Feedback type lessons
  • ​#​145722 Supporting lesson layouts
  • ​#143526​ Added username column in user report also registration date and last login columns in the student course report

Bug Fixes(12):

  • #146026 Remove disabled class for question category in question form after attempting the question.
  • #145169 Show EasySocial Group with group category.
  • #146564 Not able to upload videos in Jwplayer
  • #146555 Manage lesson - edit lesson created from backend return 404 error
  • #146553 Getting an error page while lesson edit from manage lesson view.
  • #146145 Pagination not working on backend manage lessons view
  • #146156 Front panel>.> attempt quiz>>review answersheet>> Jtext does not recognize
  • #114367 One security fix
  • #145860 Video/Audio lesson type, a spelling mistake in the error message when uploaded incorrect format.
  • #146144 Edit course > Integration tab>> titles shown over option tab
  • #145995 Adding space in answers while creation of questions using JTEXT, answers do not use the JTEXT value in the front panel.
  • #145965 Admin panel >>MCQ question type -> Answer tab >> answer options UI break on edit view. 
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