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Shika 1.0.5 Released

Shika 1.0.5 Released

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of Shika. As announced earlier, we are following a parallel release strategy allowing us to keep working on new features that a lot of users are asking for while maintaining a stable branch with regular updates & faster updates. 

In this release of the 1.0.X branch we bring you new set of bug fixes. Subscribers are encouraged to update immediately. Please read on to for the complete change log. 


Bugs Fixed

*88066 -On courses page on my Samsung s6 edge there's display issues in both landscape and portrait

*85329 -Currency symbol error for courses

*84375 -Jilke tool bar if moved to bottom than,hides the navigation bar

*83899 -Backend> Extensions> Plugins> Document Viewer API> article linked to "How to configure Box API" should be having some steps. Now its blank.

*83260 - Question Bank> CSV import> there should be proper validation/ instruction for correct and incorrect answers.

*80816 - Backend> Quiz> Allows to add questions even when there are no questions in the Question bank i.e. no question categories present

*78783 - Admin panel>> Menu drop down list and side menu bar are not in proper order(check screenshot)

*77507  Admin panel>> About shika>> techjoomla site link should open in new tab or there should be only image

*75765 Admin panel>> Options>>Course creation settings >> Characters limit for short description of create course should have minimum limit and should not be zero

*74958  Frontend> Create lesson> BOX API type formats> tracking is not working. Its status doesn't change, it stays "Not viewed"

*73635- Admin panel>>Course>>On Vimeo lesson preview show two verticle scroll bar

*77020- Backend > Dashboard - Displaying unpublished courses 

*88648 -Fatal error >> when saving certificate 


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