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JTicketing 2.1 brings powerful reports powered by TJ Reports, a tighter Shika integration & integrated jLike


We are happy to bring you JTicketing 2.1 with mobile friendly user interface, major UI improvements, tighter integration with Shika and jLike integrated and bundled into the core extension. TJ Reports integration has brought powerful reports, the jLike integration brings a powerful blended User calendar and some great Classroom training features. This is just the tip of feature iceberg. We’ve managed to squeeze in quite a few things more than what we had promised in the roadmap blog !

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Read on to get the complete details on what this version brings. Make sure you read our release notes before you upgrade as backward compatibility breaks in this release.

Blended My Calendar view for users based on jLike

In the last version, we introduced a todo integration where jlike todo’s are generated whenever a user enrols for an event. This introduced reminders powered by jLike in version 2.0. In this version, we take this integration to the next level by introducing a Blended My Calendar view that shows a Calendar of all the user’s todo’s which include jTicketing events.

Manager User Relations via Hierarchy Integration

Our horizontal extension com_hiearchy is introduced in this version to let you manage User Hierarchy relationships. This was first introduced in Shika 1.2. Now JTicketing also gets the benefits. You will see how this will enrich various JTicketing features in the blog below.

Ability to Enroll manually for Admins, Vendors & Managers

From this version, we have introduced a new view which is accessible to Site admins on the backend and for Vendors & Managers (via com_hierarchy integration) on the frontend. This allows Admins, Vendors & Managers to manually enroll other users to Events.

TJ Reports Integration & Brand new reports !

Our Horizontal extension for reporting - TJ Reports brings the power of enterprise quality reporting with report customisation, Ajax CSV exports and Access control to JTicketing. This also opens up Vendor based reporting as well as Manager reporting. Plus we have new enriched reports as below.

        1. Attendee Report

Attendee report provides us information on whether a user belonging to a particular user group has been approved to attend the event/whether he has enrolled to the event. Managers will be able to see an 'Assigned vs Attended' report for users under them using TJ reports.

        2. Customer Report

Customer report displays the customer data for the number of enrolled events, attended events along with the number of likes.

        3. Event Category Report

This report displays the number of events under each category along with total enrolled users and attended users.

        4. Sales Report

Sales report is important from manager’s perspective considering the admin commissions and the amount to be paid to event owner for the events if applicable.

        5. Event Report

Event report highlight the popularity of the events considering the number of enrolled users, attended users, likes and dislikes for the events.

Manager tools - Assignments,  User Calendar, Manager Reports

Using our infra products jlike, tjreports and hierarchy we are powering a whole new set of cool tools for vendors, managers and admins. Two of the these have made it to this release.

  1. Allow Managers, Admins to assign JTicketing Events to users under them. When an event is assigned to a user, the user is also enrolled.
  2. Empower manager and vendor reports.

Manager report based on hierarchy

JTicketing 2.1 provides flexibility for multiple types of reports using our horizontal extension-TJ Reports. Shika 1.2 had already introduced support for com_hierarchy that allows for manager-employee relations. This has been used in TJ reports to provide the infrastructure for manager reports. Using this feature, a user who has users reporting to them in the hierarchy system will be able to access reports for their reportees.

Manager/Admin Approval workflow for Student Application to attend an Event

This version introduces an optional approval workflow for self enrollments for events.

Managers/Vendors/Administrators can approve/disapprove students to the event.

Improved Shika JTicketing integration with Event as Lesson and Event Category as lesson

In addition to the event as lesson feature, we have added another lesson type-event category as lesson for Shika’s integration with JTicketing. In the ‘Event as Lesson’ option only a single jTicketing event could be added as a lesson in Shika.

Now you will have an option of adding an Event Category and choose how many events from that category need to be attended to mark lesson completion.

Event enrollment has now been decoupled from Course enrollment to give users a choice whether they want to attend the event or not. In addition to this, we have also fixed the support for creating online events as a lesson which was broken in JTicketing v2.0.

The Shika team will do an update release in the next few days that will make this new integration available to Shika users.

JTicketing Mobile friendly user interface

With this release we have ensured that all views look great across all devices. We have specifically focused on adapting the views across mobile devices as nowadays a lot of people use smartphones instead of PC’s and laptops for accessing things on the go.


Standardised Semantic HTML Across All Products

A lot of customers had given us feedback that our HTML semantics are not uniform across all our products. We have fixed this issue in this major release. This will make it easier to use our products on the same site.

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PDF Embed 2.1.6 has been released
Shika 1.2.3 is here with ajax based reports!

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