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JGive 2.3 introduces donor data management & 80G tax benefit certificate


Efficient organization and management of donor data and building long-term relationships with donors is crucial for the success of any fundraising campaign. Donor management is the key to donor retention. Donor retention goes a long way in increasing the returns for any fundraising campaign.

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Is your donations and fundraising solution marketing-friendly?


So, you have a fundraising strategy to raise money for a cause or an innovative idea. The next step is to market the idea, communicate your value, raise awareness, and draw support. To make your fundraising campaign successful, you should be able to connect with your audience, reward them for taking a favorable action, and make it easy for them to take action (and share it) – in short, make the campaign memorable.

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JGive 2.2.1 is released with actionlog, privacy plugins and two brand new features


We are out with a new update for our Joomla crowdfunding extension. We are happy to release JGive 2.2.1 which primarily adds support for Joomla 3.9.x privacy tools suite.

This release introduces two new plugins: actionlog plugin and privacy plugin for JGive.

We have also introduced two brand new features-Module for displaying the amount raised and goal amount for campaign categories using the progress bar and Category field filter in JGive campaigns pin layout module.

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Read on for details related to the plugins, new features and for the detailed changelog.

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Easy Campaign reporting and much more with JGive 2.2!


Whether you are doing fundraising for a non-profit or building crowdfunding marketplaces to drive innovation, a key element is building trust between the donors and the promoters. Regular reporting on how the donor's money is being used can go a long way in establishing this critical relation.

With the campaign reporting feature in JGive 2.2, we bring a rich and intuitive way for campaign managers to give updates on their progress to stakeholders.

Besides this there are a host of other improvements and features that make this release a 'must upgrade’ !

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Read on to get the complete details on what this version has in store for you. This is our third major release as a part of JGive nEXT series. Make sure you read our release notes before you upgrade as backward compatibility breaks in this release.

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Maintenance updates for JGive, Quick2Cart, and JTicketing


We are happy to announce the release of Quick2Cart 2.9.13, JTicketing 2.2.5 and JGive 2.1.9. These releases mainly address an important security issue we found in our internal audits. Besides this, each extension ships with a few bug fixes.

All the releases are compatible with the most recent version of Joomla, Joomla 3.8.11.

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Read on for the detailed changelog for all the extensions.

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JGive v2.1.8 is out!


We are happy to release JGive v2.1.8, a bug fix release for the issues reported by some of our subscribers. We recommend you to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Do read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version.

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Read on for the detailed changelog.

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JGive 2.1.7 is here!


We have released JGive 2.1.7. This is primarily a bug fix release. We recommend you to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Do read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version.

Read on for the detailed changelog.

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JGive 1.6.3 beta is out for testing


Hey you Joomla & JGive Lovers, We have released a feature-packed version 1.6.3 beta for JGive. Help us test this one and take it to a stable version to be used on production sites. JGive 1.6.3 beta Changelog Compatible with Joomla! 2.5.x & 3.2.x + Features: #25911: Added settings for Emails#24886: Added setting option to show filters on rig...

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JGive 1.6.7 is here!!

JGive 1.6.7 is here!!

Hi Everyone, We have released JGive 1.6.7. We have added one major feature in this release - The Country and Regions manager with multi-lingual support. The Country Manager and region manager now allow you to restrict which countries and regions you want to allow donations from. This way if you service lets say only the UK, then your users don't ha...

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JGive v1.6.3 Stable Released


We are happy to announce the availability of JGive 1.6.3 which comes with lots & lots of awesome new features to take your Joomla Crowdfunding site to the next level. The key feature in this release is the ability to Buy Givebacks.  This means that the user can choose to pick a specific giveback & donate/invest against that. I am sure all our JGive lovers will love this;). Then we have added some great back office features letting admins add campaigns as well as donations from the back end. This means that its easier to manage donations that are not coming through the website.  


The other Major Features include

  • Ability to add campaigns from the backend
  • Ability to add donations from the backend
  • Tighter EasySocial integration 
  • Major Improvements in Reporting & CSV exports
  • Email notification improvements
  • JomSocial Bar display option

Can't wait to get your hands on the release? Download it now from the My Subscriptions area. If you are among those still not using JGive, Buy it now!

There's more to this release that i can write up here.. So I suggest you go ahead & read our complete changelog & upgrade instructions! 

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JGive 1.6.1 is out


JGive 1.6.1 is available for download to subscribers. This release fixes the bugs reported in version 1.6.1 and adds up some changes. Below is the changelog for same. Changelog for v1.6.1 + Features added 21964:- show currency left or right side of the amount. + Task done 23495:-Image resizing to prevent distortion23494:- Remove Campaign Type ‘Dona...

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JGive 1.6 is out. Re-imagining Joomla crowdfunding!


JGive-Crowdfunding and donations for Joomla

Fundraising & Crowd Funding for the future with JGive 1.6

It gives me great pleasure to announce the availability of JGive v.1.6. JGive is one of our most popular extensions & this release seriously packs a PUNCH! We know this release has taken a little bit more time than initially planned, but we do hope you will find it worth the wait!

A quick glimpse of Features:

Selection 010Awesome new Pin Layout for Campaigns & a Multipurpose Campaign Display Module

Now you see all the campaigns in a fresh new layout inspired by Kickstarter. It comes with a great side bar with lots of filtering options to help your users find the campaigns they want. 

The multipurpose module will let you choose & show Featured Campaigns, Recent Campaigns, Campaigns expiring soon & Completed Campaigns on any page you want in a slick display. The best use of the module is to make copies of it & set them on different modes to make the Home page of your Funding section. 


jgive campNew Campaign details view

We have given the campaign details page a full revamp & it now comes with some really attractive design elements & the good looking JUI icons. 

Edit campaigns option for Admins

Site admins can now edit all campaigns from the Joomla back-end.

Screenshot from 2013-11-01 095705

Donation Checkout Improvements

This version adds the much awaited One Page checkout & VAT invoices which have been long asked for by our European clients.

Any kind of e-commerce transaction should be dead easy - then be it checking out from a Shop or making a donation or an investment. The One Page Checkout feature will let your donors do donations much more quickly without having to go through multiple pages of checkout.

Selection 012Photo gallery 

Impress your donors/investors by maintaining an awesome campaign image gallery! Lets you add multiple images to the campaign & show them in a nice gallery layout with lightbox effects.

Paypal adaptive payments to make Fees much easier! 

Paypal Adaptive payments lets you do Split Parallel payments instantly. Which means if the Donor is making a Donation/ Investment of 200$ & the fees owed to the site owner are 20$, then we can make instant payments of 180$ to the campaign owner & 20$ to the Admin for his fee. Note that this feature will only be available for the Paypal payment gateway.

Recurring Donations with Paypal

Another feature that was much awaited is the ability to do recurring donations. We will be implementing this with Paypal to start with & in later versions, depending on demand extend it to other supported payment gateways.

Community Builder Integration

The Community Builder Integration lets you show the user's Campaigns on their own profiles. 

Donors & Donations Display Module

Using this module, you can show various types of JGive data on any page you want! The module has multiple modes as below

  • My Donations - Donations of logged in users
  • Recent donations on site
  • Top donations (maximum amount) against the campaign by the single donor
  • Overall top donors

EasySocial Integration

CB Integration was always planned but EasySocial integration is the surprise extra feature in this release! The Easy Social Integration integrates pushes for all JGive activities into the EasySocial Stream. Plus campaigns owned by the user are shown on the User's Profile using the My Campaigns Application. 

Group Donations Support for JomSocial

One of the most requested features is finally here. Now you can tie in your campaign with your JomSocial groups & also show it to the Group. Now you can start doing Group specific campaigns or investments!

There's much more to this release so read on to see what else we have, plus there is a DIWALI BLAST offer inside. So Definitely Read On!

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JGive 1.6 Beta 2 is available for beta testing


We are pretty excited to announce the availability of JGive 1.6 Beta 2 for testing. This version brings some really exciting new features as given below. Remember this is a Beta release. So don't use it on live sites! We have added some of the most awaited features in JGive till date. We have also added basic integration support for brand new EasyS...

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JGive 1.6 Beta 1 is here!


We are pretty excited to announce the availability of JGive 1.6 Beta 1 for testing. This version brings some really exciting new features as given below. Remember however nice the Screenshots look, that this is a Beta release. So don't use it on live sites! The release is available in the My Subscriptions area for you to download. Feature Highlight...

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JGive v1.6 is here!!


We are very glad to announce the release of JGive v1.6 to all subscribers. This version comes with some great UI- Pin layout, campaigns column & Usability features. Changes like One Page checkout, Invoice customisation, PayPal - recurring donations, module and much more.  Have a glimpse of what are we offering in this version Pin Layout: Make y...

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