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Shika Roadmap Update !


If you have been following our blogs and social channels, you will know that we have released several incremental updates in the 1.1x series. In fact we have had to break typical semantic versioning policy in order to push in several small feature updates that could not wait till the next major version.

It has also been decided to introduce Bootstrap 3 sooner than originally planned in terms of version numbers since an increasing number of clients have asked for it. Since this would need a major version release on account of backward compatibility breaks, it warrants a major version.

So here is the proposed roadmap for the upcoming versions of Shika.

Shika 1.2

  1. Bootstrap 3 Support (Bootstrap 2 Support to be officially dropped)
  2. Fresh new responsive UI based on BS3
  3. Conversion of all reports to the new TJ Reports infrastructure
  4. Manager reports based on Hierarchy management
  5. Teacher/Course creator reports for owned courses
  6. Fresh new Reports
    1. Single Course Report
    2. Category Report
  7. Extensive filters on all reports
  8. REST APIs for User Creation, Enrollment, Denrollment, Assignment & recommendations, GetCourses, GetLessons, Hierarchy
  9. Improved Integration with JTicketing and jLIke for Blended Training Calendar

Shika 1.3

  1. Exercises - Ability to create subjective exercises which allow students to submit answers by filling Text/Text Area fields, File uploads as well as Ratings. These can be marked using the assessment engine.
  2. Assessment Engine to assess Exercises. Can also be used to assess other lesson types like Events ! Supports Assessment parameters (Rating, textbox, yes/no, checkbox) and weights for parameters. Assessors can also give descriptive reasons for what scores they give against each parameter as well as overall.  
  3. Feedback forms as lesson types. This allows you to take user feedback as part of the course.
  4. Restructuring of Quizzes as a lesson type rather than being a separate option.
  5. Question grouping
  6. Subjective questions in regular quizzes.
  7. TJFields integration for courses with Category & field mapping + Course filters
  8. Complete control on all email content with TJ Notifications support
  9. Box API Rewrite to support the new APIs and drop deprecated ones + migrator tool

Shika 1.4

  1. TJ Vendor Integration for Multi-vendor management and payouts
  2. Revamp of Course & Lesson authoring and code refactor
  3. Frontend Course authoring
  4. Lesson Reuse, Public/Private SMS
  5. Conversion of Shika activity stream to use TJ Activity Stream
  6. Match the Following question type support
  7. TJ Dashboard Integration & Widgets

*Note : This roadmap is a plan and is subject to change based on feedback and management decisions.

JTicketing 2.1 Roadmap is here !
Hierarchy Management is here!

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