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Shika 1.3.34 is here with autoplay configuration in YouTube plugin, summary of quiz taken on thank you page and much more


We have managed to have one more Shika release in the month of August. The Shika 1.3.34 release will be beneficial for teachers as well as students.

Some of the key features include autoplay configuration in YouTube plugin, email for admin when user exhausts the attempts and fails the lesson, summary of quiz taken on thank you page. Besides this, we have done plenty of improvements and bug fixes in this release.

Read on for the complete scoop!

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Make sure you read the release notes for Shika 1.3.34 before you upgrade. 

Features in Shika 1.3.34

Hide/show the 'Print' button for quiz on the answer sheet 

With Shika 1.3.34, site administrators can choose whether to allow printing the answer sheet for quiz for course users.

Verdana font in drag and drop HTML builder

We have added the Verdana font in drag and drop HTML Builder for ‘Text&Media’ lesson type.

Integration plugin for adding course-specific EasySocial points during course creation 

In the earlier releases, we had a configuration to add EasySocial points for all courses on a global level. With this release, site administrators can set different EasySocial points for different courses. If the administrator doesn’t set the points at the course level then the users are assigned the global level EasySocial points that are set by the administrator.

Autoplay configuration in YouTube plugin

If the autoplay video configuration in YouTube plugin is enabled, the YouTube video is autoplayed and set to mute by default for lesson. If it’s disabled then the user needs to play the YouTube video in the lesson.

Email for site administrator when user exhausts the attempts and fails to pass the lesson

Site administrators are notified via email when the user exhausts the allowed attempts and fails to pass the lesson.

Summary of quiz taken on thank you page

With Shika 1.3.34, we have created a new plugin for displaying the quiz summary on the thank you page. Users can thus identify the areas of improvement based upon the feedback for the respective quiz section or question category.

Enable/disable "correct answers" on the review answer sheet page

Site administrators can configure whether the correct answers are to be shown to the user for the quiz on the review answer sheet page. 

Shika v1.3.34 Changelog:


164088 Introduced a new config on quiz level to hide/show the 'Print' button on the answer sheet 

164045 Add Verdana font in Drag and drop HTML Builder

163855 Created integration plugin for the add course-specific EasySocial point while creating a course

163771 Introduced autoplay config in Youtube plugin

164206 Introduced email for admin when user exhausts the attempts and failed

164204 Added summary of a quiz taken on the thank you page

163577 Added configuration to enable/disable show "correct answers" on the review answer sheet page


164134 Exercise> Close button should work as save as draft when a resume is ON even if the mandatory questions are not answered

164106 Allow deleting question from Pool based quiz irrespective of if any attempt exist

163736 Answer related Comments should show against the answer, UI is improved

163632 Callback URL support on after closing lesson window

163580 Add base path in course pin layout for and course.enroll layout

163228 Refactor the Kpoint plugin

164205 Added user group and lesson completion and start date filters on course report


164047 On pagination view, Skip button should be changed to clear

164038 Change arrow/double arrow button on quiz pagination to show FIRST/LAST & Next/Prev buttons

163956 Frontend> Shown unpublish tags in the filter list

163952 Users com_fields values are saving by converting some characters to HTML entities instead of the original value

163875 SCORM tracking fix for Chrome 80 or latest upcoming versions

163071 Backed> Dashboard> Throws warnings when Error reporting is set to Development.

161201 Backend> Manage Lessons > Lesson Start and Due date set while creation is the different format - not following the global

164090 Next lesson on Resume module is getting change while changing the order of modules

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