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Shika 1.1.8 is here with support for CSS,JS Overrides!


We are happy to bring to you a new update in the 1.1x series of Shika - version 1.1.8. In addition to some UI fixes needed for Joomla 3.7x, this version brings some interesting new features like enrolment by User Group, support for CSS and JS overrides and the ability to manually enrol for paid courses in the backend.

Read on for the complete feature list and changelog.

New Features

User Group based Assignments

Now the assign function lets you assign a course to all users in a User group using the Assign by Group function.

Support for CSS, JS Overrides.

It's now super easy to override the user interface of Shika without changing core files.

Enrollments for paid courses from Admin panel.

In the earlier versions it was not possible to enroll users from the backend if the course was paid. Shika 1.1.8 introduces this.



Issues Fixed:

#105589 For Admin panel, tjlms.css is not getting load.

#104567  Incorrect resume pops up for the document.

#103875 Back panel >> Select Question Bank >> After deleting answer, you get incorrect message.

#104901 Added additional security for file downloads for associated files & lesson files except videos.

#104582 Uploading question through import tool in question bank does not add invalid answer options

#37837 Admin panel >>  MCQ - Switching between single/multiple questions loses answers and now its working.

#103962 Admin panel>> Manage enrollment>> view UI is messed up.

#103793 Admin panel>> Report >> Save /Select query UI is messed up.

#103763 Admin panel>> Add lesson >> basic details>> attempts>> when add negative value>> show incorrect error message, also shows NaN text after removing error message

#103744 Admin panel -> Add course-> course pricing tab, types are shown active at the same time in joomla 3.7

#103663 Front panel> Course landing page>>Taught by and enrolled courses module image is aligned to left instead of center in the helix3 template.

#103619 Menu item pagination limit is not working as per back panel config.

#103567 Admin panel>> extension>>manage>>database>> shows warning >>database schema version (uniqueindex) does not match CMS version (3.6.3-2016-08-16).

#103372 Admin panel>> Error while uploading jwplayer video

#103062 Admin panel>>manage enrollment>> toolbar is not working on responsive layout

#103010 Joomla 3.7>>Front panel>> UI gets messed up for set goal view and assign because of calendar

#102986 When migrate tables>>> shows error>> Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated

#102927 Admin panel>>create lesson>> add lesson image >> unable to save and shows loader>Uncaught Syntax Error

#101633 Frontend> Uber template> Courses> On Clicking Set Goal pop up getting displayed is very small.

#98904 Attempts>> gets 1064 error after changing status on attempts

#93851 Frontend> Coupons view> Status and Value type are getting displayed differently on uber and protostar

#86389 Front panel>> uber>>launch lesson >> shows extra space above lessons( when playlist is ON from back panel)

#77454 Admin panel>>create lesson with simple html>> shows strange behaviour when lesson format has been changed.

#106012 For Reminders, language constant is missing for ordering.

#106011 For Reminders, when there is no result,  show proper message for no result.



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