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Invitex 3.0.4 is here!


We have released a new version of Invitex today - version 3.0.4. This is a maintenance release and has quite a few bug fixes. In addition, the facebook API v2.9 support is added. Read the complete changelog to view what’s new in this release.


Bug fixes(5):

- #105553  Frontend :- Guest Invitation - reCaptcha version 2 not working

- #105987  Frontend :- Invite Anywhere - Invite URL redirecting to page which is not available

- #104849  Frontend :- Activity Stream - If user sets points to zero (on sending/accepting invitation) then activity is pushed for zero points earned

- #103152  Frontend :- Activity Stream - Activity text for points earned by invitation and points earned by invitation accepted are same

- #106910  Frontend :- EasySocial Toolbar - Toolbar is not responsive for mobile devices

Improvements (1):

+ #106911  Support for facebook graph API v2.9 for Facebook invitation

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