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JTicketing is ready for Joomla 4


We have yet another paid extension that is Joomla 4 compatible. We had recently released the Email Beautifier for Joomla 4

And now, the ultimate event-booking system for Joomla, JTicketing is now available for Joomla 4 users! You can download JTicketing v4.0.0 and the same package file will work on both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.

Buy JTicketing!

NOTE:- We have updated multiple Plugin Triggers to make JTicketing compatible with Joomla 4. We recommend NOT updating  JTicketing to Joomla 4 compatible version on your site if you are using other paid Techjoomla extensions which are not Joomla 4 compatible yet (Shika). Please read the release notes carefully before you upgrade to the latest version of JTicketing.

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JBolo is ready for Joomla 4
Email Beautifier is ready for Joomla 4

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