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InviteX v2.9.8 released

InviteX v2.9.8 released

Hey All,

We have released a bug-fix release update v2.9.8 for InviteX. This release addresses 15+ bug fixes. Check changelog below to view what's new in this release.

Also, with this release we have two important announcements to make:
1. Since LinkedIn has restricted access to their APIs from May 215, we are dropping support for LinkedIn API plugin in InviteX. 
2. We are deprecating Easysocial APPs from this version, those will be eventually removed in future version.

Changelog for v2.9.8:

Bugs Fixed:
- #49161 Frontend: Load Easysocial language file in invitex for Easysocial toolbar
- #48426 URL of images in Email should not be shortened when we use URL shortening
- #48418 Invitex Content plugin for Custom landing page affects other joomla articles
- #48135 Fatal error while importing Gmail contacts when Invitex integration is set with CB
- #47746 View: config layout: templates -> Automated Intelligent Invites tags descriptions are hard coded
- #47351 View: templates -> Text for AVATAR description need to be changed
- #47179 Messaging -> Unable to read friends name while sending invitations to friends on site
- #47177 Manual invitation -> text box get cropped
- #47176 Search box and search icon get messed up with each other on "invitation stats" page
- #47175 Manual invitation -> If email address provided is lengthy, it gets cropped
- #47103 Lang constant missing -> Hard coded name present
- #45567 Undefined variable notice on invites page
- #44602 Wrong tab highlighted for all themes(original invitex, Facebook, and black and white)
- #37966 Sql error for invitation type for ES groups
- #30492 Sign up link not working for "invite via url" for custom landing page
- #30392 Custom Invitation landing page not working leading to 404 error
- #12377 Change language constant "supported domains" to "Allowed domains"

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