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Curious to know whats coming in Invitex 3.0?

Curious to know whats coming in Invitex 3.0?

Invitex has been one of the favorite extensions for Joomla for sending Viral Invitations and helping you expand your network in every possible way. However, like every extension always has a scope of improvement and ideas keep pouring in from our very own Invitex subscribers, which help us improve and take this extension to the next level. With Invitex 3.0 we will be getting you some new features which you will love for sure.

Here is what is lined up...

Bootstrap 3 support for Invitex

With more and more templates using Bootstrap 3, it was imperative that we also support it in Invitex. Most of our other extensions already support having Bootstrap 2 or 3 as an option. Now Invitex joins the list!

Awesome Quick Invitations Module

Introducing a module which will be used only for manual invitations. You just have to add the email address of the Invitee and click the send button.

Only Allow registration for Invited Email Address

We will be introducing an option wherein only people who have been invited will be able to join the network with their email address.

SMS Horizon Plugin

Invitex already integrates with Clickatell for its SMS related functions. With this release Invitex will also be integrated with SMS Horizon for its  SMS related functions like sending invitations via SMS etc.

So, this is as of now what we will be introducing in the new Invitex version. Click here to see the entire feature list of the extension.

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