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Appify your EasySocial website with our smartphone EasySocial App

Appify your EasySocial website with our smartphone EasySocial App

Easysocial by Stackideas is one of the top social networking extensions for Joomla. If you are new to EasySocial, you can find out more about it here. With the app for iOS and android we bring you an awesome slice of EasySocial's capabilities to your smartphone.

The free branded version of the app is available via the Google Play Store and in the queue for approval on the IOS App Store. You can buy a custom branding service on our site.

We believe in creating apps that work and are effective and one of the important factors in achieving that is deciding which is deciding which features to offer on mobile and which to restrict to the web.

Adding too many functionalities to mobile apps makes them complex and hard to use. We have followed the same policy with the EasySocial app. The features you are more likely to use on mobile have been prioritized in this development to give you a clean and useful experience. Read on for the full details. 


The Top Features

-Manage your EasySocial profile
-View photos
-View the public and friends news feed

Let's look at some of them in detail

Profile View:

You can view profile, photos, about me, etc.

News Feed View:

You can View the news feed. Keep a track and stay updated with what’s going on around.

b2ap3_thumbnail_oie_29161144xCmvmNqp.png                  b2ap3_thumbnail_oie_29154658ZbQ14U2Y.png

Likes and Comments:

Like, unlike and add comments. Express your views on photos and statuses.

Menu Button:

Menu button gives you access to various other options News Feed sub categories like
Me and Friends, everyone, following, photos these options give you a choice to select what do you want to see in the News Feed.

 b2ap3_thumbnail_oie_29154819pZ4MolRn.png                b2ap3_thumbnail_oie_3853543TdICMLC.png  

Get this app on your android phone now! You can also customize this app and make it what you want it to be. Let us know if you want this app to be customized. For more info visit our landing page.  We also released a EasyBlog application a few weeks back that you can know more about here.


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