The Blog App

Ahoy Joomla EasyBloggers! The Blog app is here. Blogging has always been an ocean of information over the web. To access the blogs in more efficient way we have created for you, “The Blog app”. The app is really very simple. Your readers just need to install this app on their phones and start browsing. A useful share option helps your readers share the blog links easy via Social Networks.

Any website powered by Easyblog can use this app. The website owner just installs the API component provided by us and all is set!


What does the App do?

It is a multipurpose Blog reader, making it easier for readers to access blogs from a particular Easyblog site. View the screenshots below to see how simple things are - 

Latest Blogs                    Blogs by Category     


 Search Blogs                  Read & Share Blog


“The blog app” is available for free on iTunes and Play Store. However, if you want to customise this app for your readers to make it look like your website by adding your logo and a nice theme, please order a customisation.

Download the EasyBlog APIs

What do you get with the custom branded app ?

  1. Own App Icon
  2. Own Splash Screen
  3. In built site url. No need for users to enter. They just enter their login details
  4. Own colour scheme (we recommend using your website's colour scheme for best results)
  5. Text / Language changes if needed
  6. Source code of the app for the subscription period
  7. Building and deploying the app the first time using your store accounts

What do we need from you

  1. App Icon & Splash screen design (we will provide dimensions)
  2. Name of your app
  3. Your website's URL
  4. A long description for the iTunes & Play Store
  5. A 80 word marketing text for the iTunes & Play Store
  6. A featured image (we will provide dimensions)


Get it for FREE!

index app

 Use the Techjoomla Branded App Completely Free

Request Customization

Customised Blog App + 6 months code access

Upon completing your purchase you will be mailed a link to a form that asks for all the customisation related information. Once you complete the form, our friendly team will get back to you with an estimated timeframe for launch.