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“JBolo 3.2” Now with Message Sync!

“JBolo 3.2” Now with Message Sync!

JBolo 3.2 gets you the most awaited feature of message synchronization with JomSocial and EasySocial. People will be able to see their chats on the messenger and in the message inbox just the way it happens on Facebook, isn’t that fantastic? So, all the JomSocial and EasySocial users will be tempted to hit the Buy Button now. ;)


Synchronize your JomSocial inbox with the JBolo chat!



Synchronize your EasySocial inbox with the JBolo chat!



Besides these two fantastic features we have also revamped the chat history view which looks much prettier now!

Attractive modified view for Chat history


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and experience all the features on the demo.

New to JBolo?

Click here to know more and see what all this fantastic messenger for Joomla does!

Change Log

+ Features 

-Sync JBolo 1to1 chats to EasySocial conversations

-Sync JBolo 1to1 chats to Jomsocial conversations

-Sync JBolo group chats with Easysocial conversations (*Experimental feature)

-Sync JBolo group chats with Jomsocial conversations (*Experimental feature)

- Bug Fixes

-Facebook theme: Show usernames against messages in chat window

-Link names to user profiles in the participants list for group chats

-The user status message gets displayed in group chat window userlist if user logs out and logs in again

-Increase the font size of offline message

-Upload file -> Icon not shown for for success text so text is misaligned

-File download should start with the same window.

^ Other Improvements

-Show complete status message on mouse-over an username in the chat-user-list

-UI changes in chat history window

-Rearranged config options in more logical groups

-PHPCS fixes


 Buy JBolo Now!        Joomla Demo!        JomSocial Demo!        EasySocial Demo!

JBolo 3.2 is compatible with latest versions of Joomla, JomSocial and EasySocial
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