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The Joomla Speak! In Conversation with Peter Bui

The Joomla Speak! In Conversation with Peter Bui

We are going to talk to Peter Bui, Managing Director of PB Web Development in this The Joomla Speak interview. I met him at the Joomla World Conference 2015, Bangalore, India. A fun loving person who is also a Joomla Enthusiast and Contributor. Let’s get to know his thoughts on Joomla!

What's your Joomla story? How did you get introduced?

In 2004 and 2005 I experimented with a lot of different platforms from WordPress to Moveable Type and Mambo. Playing around with all of them working out what was best for the projects that I was building at that time lead me to choose Mambo as my solution. Shortly after it split and forked with Joomla! The rest is history.

There’s lots of businesses built around Joomla - Extensions, Templates, Consulting, Services. How would you like these businesses to give back to Joomla? What's the best way in your opinion?

I believe the most important thing is the adoption of Joomla. Showing, educating and spreading Joomla is the most important thing.

Getting more developers and site builders to understand what Joomla is about, how they can benefit from building Joomla websites and how they can do it quickly and effectively to help their customers and build their Joomla businesses.

Tell us 3 things that you love about Joomla

Templating system. I love how dynamic Joomla templates are. I love how you can use a simple code base to create dynamic and complex templates with a few simple commands.

I love the fact that it is open source and remains open source for all to use. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to build a business around the platform providing solutions for clients and businesses.

Community support and documentation. Without it I would have been lost. Being able to ask questions and get a response from the community on ideas, issues and problems I've community support I've had over the years has helped me get to where I am now.

What’s your take on the Joomla Community?

The community is key to the organisation. Without the community there would be no code. There would be no support, extensions, templates and there would definitely be no user base of raving mad fans.

The community is what makes the platform and what keeps it going.

What in your opinion is Joomla’s Niche? Is it one or are there Many? In other words, what’s Joomla‘s Market?

This is a hard one to answer as the market and niche varies across the world. I see in Europe that it is quite strong in markets from small to enterprise level websites where it is dominate in countries that are not native english speaking.

In Latin and South America, I see many small businesses use it to build their online presence to event banks using it.

In Australia where I am from, I don't see it being very strong in any particular niche. Knowing personally where the strengths are in the CMS, I can personally place it into a solution confidently for a client, but from market demands, most haven't even heard of Joomla.

Where do you see Joomla going in the next 10 years? If it was up to you where would you take it?

It's always hard to predict the future but I do see a direction where I'd love to see the project go and mature into.

I'd love to see a a global support system for the project where web agencies can call upon to get enterprise level help and support for their websites.

I'd love to see more training and certifications so that people can be qualified Joomla! administrators and website builders.

I'd love to see the community grow and be nurtured to grow further, keeping its community together and taking it further.

Your one line message to the Joomla Community on account of Joomla’s successful 10 years

10 years old with many more to come

Peter, I really liked your idea of the Joomla training and certifications. That way we could have more efficient, reliable Joomla Administrators and website builders plus the global support system could help an individual to study Joomla easily and get a certification. Thank you for your time Peter. It was really nice talking to you.

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