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Shika Beta 11 Out Now!

Shika Beta 11 Out Now!

It has been really long since the Beta 10 release of Shika! As we all know that we are really close to the stable release which can happen anytime soon. Entire feature list has been finalized and this is the Beta 11 we are rolling out.

You will be overwhelmed to see the number of Bug fixes (500+) done in Shika after Beta 10, especially if you are an Early Adopter!

Why is it taking so long to release a stable version?

  • Techjoomla has implemented a new stability matrix (Which will take our product's quality to new heights). All our products will undergo a deeper, closer QA tests.
  • Every change needs some time to be incorporated! Our devs are still used to Techjoomla's conventional QA and development methods and it is taking time for making them adapt to the new stability matrix.
  • We agree that this is time consuming but Rome was not built in a day! Shika 1.0 will be the most stable product delivered by us.

 We are blogging about the change in the Development and the QA process at Techjoomla. You have a look at the first blog here.

View the entire Change Log

Stability Matrix for this release!


As I mentioned earlier that the stable release will be anytime soon you guys have very less time left to avail 42% DISCOUNT on Shika.

Who is an Early Adopter?

Early Adopters are the ones who buy Shika Beta at $399.99!

Advantages of being an Early Adopter

  • You get a chance to experience the product and support at a much lower price.
  • Your subscription date will start once the stable release is out.
  • Your subscription will be directly upgraded to 12 months Professional of Shika!

Be an Early Adopter Now!              Wait for Stable release & buy later at $699.99

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