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The Techjoomla Approach to Joomla 4


Joomla’s 16th Birthday was a special one as Joomla 4 release was announced on the same day on August 17th! A big congratulations to all Joomla users, supporters, developers and fans, who never gave up on Joomla and worked hard to help us all reach this important milestone. 

What’s up with Techjoomla’s plan for Joomla 4 releases 

We are extremely happy to announce that we are on a drive to make sure all our free and paid extensions are compatible with Joomla 4.x. Thanks for the overwhelming support we got from our subscribers, customers and the developer community,

Techjoomla is committed to supporting our customers and as a market leader we take our commitment to support updates very seriously. 

Following is the list of paid products for which the Joomla 4 releases have been planned till the end of Q4 2022.

?Note that some of the releases originally planned for December 2021 have been moved to Q4 2022

  1. Shika

Following is the list of free products for which the Joomla 4 releases have been planned for Q4 of 2022.

  1. Canva

Joomla 4 support has been already added for the following free extensions

  1. Logged in Homepage
  2. Return to Top
  3. PDF Embed
  4. REST API for Joomla
  5. JMailAlerts

Joomla NXT

Techjoomla decided to celebrate 17th August (Joomla’s birthday) by organizing a webinar. Prominent speakers like Brian Teeman, Robert Deutz, Joe Sonne, Tim Davis, Phil Walton joined this webinar organized by the Founders of Techjoomla, Parth Lawate and Ashwin Date. The event was aired from 8.30 am Eastern time to 11.30 am Eastern Time and we saw a massive audience of 150 plus Joomla fans glued to the event. 

We branded this event as Joomla NXT as we plan to conduct a monthly series on the last Wednesday of every month. Stay tuned for more updates over here

More on Joomla NXT events

Similar to all Joomlers, Techjoomla is excited regarding the release of Joomla 4. We have been actively promoting the release of Joomla 4 with Joomla NXT. Joomla NXT is a Virtual Event. The NXT series was initiated to celebrate the release of Joomla 4 and as a part of our ongoing commitment to Joomla Developers worldwide. We aim to create a platform that connects Joomla Enthusiasts to share best practices, ideas and insights to build websites and powerful online applications with Joomla.

In case you have missed out on the last two events, we already have uploaded the videos for the sessions on YouTube. We encourage you to attend all the upcoming events and help us to strengthen the Joomla community and bring together more Joomlers for knowledge sharing.

Applied Joomla

This is an upcoming dedicated landing page that will be the centre of attention for all tutorials related to Joomla 4 and everything related to Joomla. At Techjoomla, we will be creating a series of videos based on Joomla 4 that will help Joomlers to understand new features, tips and tricks and secrets of Joomla 4. Besides this, we will also be creating tutorials related to Joomla based upon the feedback of our subscribers.

Here’s a tentative list of topics that the tutorials will cover.

  1. Token based authentication in Joomla 4
  2. How to enable Gzip compression in Joomla 4
  3. How to Enable Content Versioning in Joomla 4?
  4. How to Send Email in Joomla 4 using the Gmail SMTP Server?
  5. How to update your site to Joomla 4
  6. Joomla 4 installation on localhost
  7. New Workflow feature in Joomla 4
  8. Joomla 4 smart search
  9. Joomla 4 media manager
  10. Email templates in Joomla 4
  11. Reset hits for articles in Joomla 4
  12. Joomla 4 web services
  13. Joomla 4 accessibility support
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