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JBolo Touched!

Yes, its official. JBolo, the chatting extension for Joomla! is soon to be integrated with Mighty Extension's PeopleTouch. Currently JBolo can be integrated with Joomla!, JomSocial and Community Builder. While we are busy making all the required changes to the component, feel free to add your own suggestions and comments..

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Facebook Like Chat Bar (Known Issues)

Some known issues in Facebook Like Chat Bar (Beta-2.5.0) we are working on: - Icons are not visible on the chat bar in JomSocial on few sites. - When you click on some users the chat does not open. - The chat boxes are not maintained for some users. - The bar is displayed behind a few modules on few sites.   If you find any other issues except the ...

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List of supported smileys in JBolo!

All of you know JBolo! has smiley support, but just which smileys does it support? Following is the list of smileys that are currently supported by JBolo!. :) or :-):( or :-(;) or ;-):')B) or B-):o or :O or :-o or :-O:D or :-D Note: The above list of smileys are supported in JBolo! version 1.5 and above.

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JBolo! v2.1.0 released

We're pleased to announce the availability of JBolo! version 2.1.0. This version is a minor bug fix release, and the following issues have been addressed After navigating among pages, chatboxes no more reappear once you close them.Now both the module and chat box obey the name/username setting    

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JBolo! Version 2.0 released

We're glad to announce the release of JBolo! version 2.0. This version fixes several long standing bugs, especially those related to functioning on (our favourite browser) IE. Some other bugs and some features have also been introduced. Notably, you can now allow Facebook and OpenID users to chat. For the full details head over to the blog JBolo! V...

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JBolo! with Facebook like chatbar(Beta) released!

TechJoomla is extremely glad to announce the release of JBolo! v2.5.0 that has much awaited addition - A chatbar similar to Facebook. Many of you must have laid their hands on the demo, now you can see the chatbar at work on your very own site! The beta version is available for download to all active JBolo! subscribers. To download, go to the 'My D...

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Jbolo! Version 2.5.1 Released!

The new version includes: New Icons for CB version of the chat bar!Stability fixes for the bar.Conflict fixes for the core chat. More features and updates on the way!

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JBolo! V2.6 out - Groups integration & support for CB Super Activity

After weeks of working on these cool new features, we are very exited to bring you the latest release of JBolo! The coolest chat extension for Joomla, CB & JomSocial. JBolo! V2.6 comes with path breaking features like support for Group Components which include JomSocial Groups, Group Jive & CB Super Groups as well as integration with CB Super Activity!

Read on for details


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JBolo 3.0.1 is available

Hey all, JBolo version 3.0.1 is available now. We have fixed bugs reported in version 3.0. Find the changelog for same. Compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and 3.0.x PHP 5.3 or higher is needed CHANGELOG for version 3.0.1 ^ Other tasks ^ Various CSS fixes^ #18959 Show the userlist minimized by default after login - Bugs fixed - #18996 File upload - N...

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JBolo 3.1 is here with EasySocial Integration !

We are extremely sorry for the long silence on our end. We are neck deep currently in working on various product releases so the Blogs & Newsletters had dried up a bit. We have some extremely exciting releases coming up in the next few weeks ;) & JBolo 3.1 is opening up the New Year for us with some most awaited features ! 

So Whats New in JBolo 3.1 ?

EasySocial Integration 

This is easily the most awaited integration for our popular Chat system. Once you install JBolo on a EasySocial site & turn on this integration, JBolo will derive User avatars & friends, Profile linking from EasySocial. There is also an EasySocial App for JBolo to initiate chats from user's profiles. 

We had actually planned to do this release with an awesome (hush hush) integration feature planned & in progress with the StackIdeas team but it was taking a while so we decided to release first & come up with another followup release for this awesome feature later. So look out of the next release!!


ACL Support

Now the admins can choose which Joomla Access levels will have access to the chat feature. Do you want to restrict the chat feature to Paying members? Now you can ! Just integrate Payplans or Akeeba Subs to add users to a Joomla user group on  Payment & you are done!

Chat Opt Out & user Blocking

Now users can choose to opt out of Chat & also block specific users from contacting them. 

Besides these issues, we have fixed quite a few bugs & conflicts & have a brand new chat settings view ! Read on for the full release note & Upgrade Instructions

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JBolo! 2.9.8 released with support for JomWall community

We have released JBolo 2.9.8 today that includes support for new community - JomWall. This Jbolo - JomWall integration release includes following feautres- - Supports both Gmail mode and Facebbok mode - Avatar integration with profile URLs - Activity feed on Facebook type chat bar - Quick links on chatbar to the commonly accessed areas of JomWall. ...

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JBolo! 2.9.7 released

Hello everyone, we have released JBolo! 2.9.7 with following bug fixes and other minor changes. Given below are detailed changelog and upgrade instructions. JBolo! 2.9.7 Changelog - Compatible with Joomla! 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 2.5.x Bugs fixed in this version include - #5672 On Facebook type chatbar - images are broken(randomly) on hover#8776 Loss ...

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JBolo 2.9.3 with Joomla 1.6 support & lots of improvement is here !

Yay ! Its finally here ! JBolo! Chat is here with Joomla 1.6 support. We are sorry to have kept you waiting for all this time !  Besides 1.6 compatibility, we have added tons of fixes including CSS & JS compression which means that JBolo will load much faster . Plus support for new MS Office files has been added in the file sending. We have also done a Quick installaler now for JBolo that will take care of a lot of the settings that you had to do manually earlier. So its even user now to get started with the chat system on your site. Also added are some more improvements in relation to the Javascript that will minimise any chances of conflicts with other extensions or templates even further.

Go ahead & give it a try ! Users with Active subscriptions can download the extensions from the My Subscriptions menu ! Please read on for a full change log.

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JBolo 2.9.2 IE compatibility release

JBolo 2.9.2 is mainly a Internet explorer ver 7 & 8 compatibility release to fix some known issues in IE 7 & 8. Also from this version on IE6 support is officially dropped. It also has some UI fixes that will also make it work better in other browsers. The JBolo 2.9.X series from here on will only have maintenance releases & all new fea...

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JBolo 2.9.1 released

JBolo 2.9.1 has been released today with some admin enhancements & lot of bug fixes. If you have been facing issues where chats were going slowly in some cases, this should fix the issue.  Plus now there is a installation check list & some nice JBolo user stats on the admin. Release is available to all subscribers & we urge you to upgrade ASAP !

If you want to see the complete Changelog, please read on..

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