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JBolo 3.1 is here with EasySocial Integration !

We are extremely sorry for the long silence on our end. We are neck deep currently in working on various product releases so the Blogs & Newsletters had dried up a bit. We have some extremely exciting releases coming up in the next few weeks ;) & JBolo 3.1 is opening up the New Year for us with some most awaited features ! 

So Whats New in JBolo 3.1 ?

EasySocial Integration 

This is easily the most awaited integration for our popular Chat system. Once you install JBolo on a EasySocial site & turn on this integration, JBolo will derive User avatars & friends, Profile linking from EasySocial. There is also an EasySocial App for JBolo to initiate chats from user's profiles. 

We had actually planned to do this release with an awesome (hush hush) integration feature planned & in progress with the StackIdeas team but it was taking a while so we decided to release first & come up with another followup release for this awesome feature later. So look out of the next release!!


ACL Support

Now the admins can choose which Joomla Access levels will have access to the chat feature. Do you want to restrict the chat feature to Paying members? Now you can ! Just integrate Payplans or Akeeba Subs to add users to a Joomla user group on  Payment & you are done!

Chat Opt Out & user Blocking

Now users can choose to opt out of Chat & also block specific users from contacting them. 

Besides these issues, we have fixed quite a few bugs & conflicts & have a brand new chat settings view ! Read on for the full release note & Upgrade Instructions


Change log for JBolo version 3.1

+ Features added

24408 New View for Chat settings
24132 ACL support
23629 Allow users to opt out of chat
23075 EasySocial integration support
22222 Ability to block users

+ Bugs fixed

23061 Minimized chat windows can not be restored in Joomla 3.2
20779 Messages with apostrophe are not shown correctly
20776 CSS conflict with 'RocketTheme Kirigami Template'
19985 Logged in user is shown in userlist in some cases
19984 Some non-english language strings break javascript code
19852 CSS conflict classes - .action, .actionlist
19849 Spell error - 'some active chat memebr from this group chat adds you again" - member is misspelled.
18985 Add namespace to conflicting css class and id definitions

Upgrade Instructions

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