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JBolo 2.9 Stable released with File sending support

JBolo 2.9 Released

JBolo 2.9 Stable with file sending support is now released go the general public. This version has all known & reported issues fixed.

Thank you so much for waiting for this release for so long & thanks very much for all the users who have helped test our Beta & make this version stable.

The major attraction of this release is the ability to send files to the user you are chatting with. This is the one major feature besides a host of bug fixes that makes this release much more stable & much less likely to have conflicts with any other extensions.

Stay tuned to JBolo updates as these few months we have dedicated to releasing new updates to JBolo & more new features are coming real soon. We shall be blogging live about these new things & approach that we are taking starting from Mid February.

The Download is available to all active subscribers in the "My Subscriptions" section on the site.

For the full change log please read on..

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J!Bolo 2.8 is out with custom Status Messages, shiny new design options, Smiley popups

Jbolo 2.8 is here Firstly , We'd like to apologize for the long delay in this release. We have some major modifications coming in the next version 2.9 like Group Chat, File transfer etc which were under development which are not very stable yet. So we decided to make a release with features that were stable & then push the exciting ones as a Beta ( to be released later this week) .

J!Bolo 2.8 comes with a hoard of bug fixes & great new features like Smiley Popup, Custom Status, an Improved History interface & 2 cool new design thanks to PSD contributions by one of our cool J!Bolo users.. Pedro Alves. If you are looking for any design stuff, we'd recommend him any time ! & once you look at the new design options the New Gradient Bar & Black 3D theme, i am sure you will too !

We recommend all users upgrade to the latest release ASAP. The release will be available in the My Subscriptions menu for active subscribers. Note that we are releasing JBolo 2.9 Beta in the labs later this week. That version should not be used in Production sites.

Please read on for the full change log.

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CB & JS Network Suggest V1.6.2 released with support for JBolo ! Chat !

We are happy to announce the availability of CB & JS Network Suggest Modules. The most awaited feature in this is the JBolo! Integration which now means that if you allow public Chat via JBolo on your site, you can now suggest people to chat with based on their profile information.

The CB version also shows a Fuzzy match percentage in a nice tooltip now ! The JomSocial version also has a more information tooltip but no fuzzy percentage for now..

Please read more for more detailed information of the bugs solved & features added. People with active subscriptions can download the extensions immediately in the my downloads area. Note that the versions available in My Downloads are always the latest general availability releases.


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JBolo 2.7.2 released with Chat History Support & more !

JBolo V.2.7.2 is out !

The much awaited Chat History feature has now been added. Besides these features to "Clear Chat " & a admin controlled Bad Words filter is also integrated. Along with this JBolo! Integration has been extended to our own Mutual Friends plugins for Joomla & JomSocial. These releases mark the way for a easy way for other extensions as well to integrate with JBolo Chat.

Users with active subscriptions can immediately download the new release from the My downloads area. Upgrades are now painless with "method upgrade" added for JBolo.

Don't Have it yet ? Buy Now !

To read the full list of changes in this release , please click on read more...


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JBolo 2.7.1 Maintenance release out

JBolo! V2.7.1 has been released today. This is a maintenance release with the following bug fixes. Bugs Fixed: Changed Admin Backend instructions to reflect new file names of plugins & modules. Available, Away and Invisible made available in language file.Performance improvements by reducing data size of the heartbeat function ( the one that checks...

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JBolo! V2.7 out

After weeks of working on these cool new features, we are very exited to bring you the latest release of JBolo! The coolest chat extension for Joomla, CB & JomSocial. JBolo! V2.7 comes with features like Status Update, Sound, Hide Link Icons on FB Chatbar & support for People Touch/Mighty Touch integration!

Read on for details


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Facebook / OpenID support for JBolo!

We are pleased to announce that support for Facebook, openID and other 3pd authenticated users has reached a beta stage for JBolo!.Till now many users, especially those using the Jomsocial-Facebook connect had problems chatting when one of the users logged in using his facebook account. We have overcome this limitation and our work is up for testin...

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