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JBolo 2.9.1 released

JBolo 2.9.1 has been released today with some admin enhancements & lot of bug fixes. If you have been facing issues where chats were going slowly in some cases, this should fix the issue.  Plus now there is a installation check list & some nice JBolo user stats on the admin. Release is available to all subscribers & we urge you to upgrade ASAP !

If you want to see the complete Changelog, please read on..

Task #3828 Add config/param for time setting of Hearbeat
Bug #3710 Notices shown on history page when no history is present (JBOLO 2.9 stable)
Bug #3829 Reset Polling./ hearbeat time after user gets active again
Bug #3746 warning are shown in error log file
Bug #3123 IE7 - History deleted with errors on result page
Bug #4094 filenames with spaces are not sent
Bug #3935 Smilebox & JBolo icon should be in line with the chatbox.. & box should look clean & nice in all browsers
Bug #3696 Usability Bug : File window needs to show allowed file size limit & it needs to be a config value in admin
Bug #3695 Send file window is very large .. should be smaller.. Also looks bad.. needs a bit of styling
Task #3722 Add language strings for "view history" and "clear conversation"
Task #3780 Plugin version (2.9) different from Community Builder version (1.3)
Task #3821 Groups Support Modification for text
Bug #3700 Jbolo chat image is jagged
Task #3699 Move smiley selector to the right end
Task #3698 Add Links to Docs, FAQs of JBolo in admin area
Task #3697 Add Extension requirement checklist in admin screen
Task #4091 Redesign jbolo backend
Task #4093 Change status icons
Feature #3721 Add a configuration to set time system on 24 hours OR 12 hours system(AM - PM) shown in chat window(this can be done through language files)
Feature #3720 Add a configuration to clear all the files users have uploaded after X amount of time
Feature #4092 Show current jbolo user statistics in backend

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