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Introducing "Intern's Corner"

Every year Tekdi Web Solutions & Techjoomla both take on Interns in a bid to bridge the gap between the academia & the industry & give these college freshers some training & on hand experience in how things work in a real work environment & especially Open Source. In many cases, the best of these interns are invited to Join our teams as full employees !

This year on we are starting a Blog for them both on Techjoomla ( for Interns working on Joomla projects ) & at Tekdi Web Solutions ( For non Joomla projects) for these interns to share their learning experience with the world. Each of these interns would be blogging on a weekly basis on what new stuff they have learnt. We hope the material shall be useful for all. We encourage you all to follow these blogs & provide your input. We believe learning should be a collaborative experience & what better way than to collaborate with the world !

Watch out for new Blogs every week, starting next week in "Intern's Corner" !

Introducing the Interns for 2010-11
JBolo 2.9.1 released

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