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Invitex- Viral Invitations for Joomla, gets a new update!

Invitex- Viral Invitations for Joomla, gets a new update!

Invitex is a premium joomla extension used to send Intelligent Viral Invitations. With this release you get some new features and a lot of bug fixes.

New additions?

Configuration to turn logs ON and OFF

Invitex has a feature which logs the status of the invitations. For instance: If an invitation is sent or there was some error in sending an invitation everything can be logged. However, if this log file get really heavy that might cause some performance issues. That is why with this release we have introduced a configuration to turn the logging ON and OFF.

New mode of Invitation

We have introduced a new mode in which you will be able redirect every new user on its first login to the Invitex Invitation page.

Show Registered Count

Invitex used to display data of the Total number of invitations sent and then whether it was clicked and accepted. Now, it will also show how many users actually registered with that invitation.

Invitex now compatible with Joomla 3.5x and PHP7


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