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JTicketing 1.8 with amazing new features. Alpha Out now!

JTicketing 1.8 with amazing new features. Alpha Out now!

JTicketing 1.8 is getting you some amazing features. With this release we will be opening doors for all the event organizers who wish to have pre-booking for all their Online Events. So, let's see..

What do we have in here?

Online- Offline Events (By virtue of venue)

Creating an event has always been a piece of cake in JTicketing. However, with introduction to online events we have made it even better. The event is associated with a venue and we have two venu types (Online and Offline). If the event is associated with an online venue it will be considered as an online event.

Venue Management

Earlier, we used google maps for offline events. However, we have a plan to introduce sub venues in future. For instance, if there is a large campus and the Event is been conducted in Room1 and other event in Room2. To keep this simple we need Venue Management.

Based on this we have introduced categories for Venues. Also, there are two types of Venues, just to differentiate between Online and Offline venues. These Venues will decide if the event created is Online or Offline.


Adobe connect for Online events

Adobe connect plugin for JTicketing will be used to create online events. We have used the event creation API of Adobe Connect for this. By providing your Adobe connect login credentials while creating an Online Venue an Online event will be automatically created on Adobe Connect.

Checkin for Online events

Admin has to set a threshold time for Online Events. If a user attends that online event for more than the specified threshold time his chekin will happen automatically.

Retry payment

While booking an event if in case the payment fails, JTicketing will now have a easy Retry Payment button.

Also, JTicketing is now integrated with our very own learning management system Shika, by activity stream integration and Dashboard widgets. Stay tuned to know more!

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