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JomSocial 3.0 is here ! What does this mean for you ?

After a long wait & a through testing process, JomSocial 3.0 is finally here ! It brings a host of new features, usability improvements & bug fixes.

The biggest take home for users is the new Responsive Design. A New customisable Introduction area, a brand new toolbar, Cover Photos for Profiles, Groups & Events & a Single two color theme besides a lot of usability improvements are the other major changes you will notice in this new release.  


So JomSocial 3.0 is here.. What does it mean for you as an end user, Integrator or Developer ? Quite a lot of things ! 

The Good Stuff

You will now be able to offer a fully responsive Social Network to your users. Improved usability means lesser internal support & more clarity in how things work. Overall you can offer a much more stable package to your users than before. The other features may or may not mean much to you depending on what you use JomSocial for.  The most important take home that you get in my perspective is the Responsiveness. 

Upgrade Pain Points

The Responsiveness also means a bit of a pain as all your custom overrides are likely to need rework as the HTML structure has changed considerably. So if you are using a Custom template or one from a Template club that uses overrides, be ready to upgrade that as well & do some rework on your own overrides. In addition if you are using any extensions that modify core JomSocial files, they are likely to break. 

So be ready for some UI work when you upgrade JomSocial if you want to preserve your own look. Or you can always opt to get rid of the overrides altogether. 

What does this mean for Techjoomla Extensions ? 

All our JomSocial extensions have been ready for Joomla 3.0 & have already been responsive for a while now. Plus we have been working to test all of them against the RC releases of JomSocial & making any needed fixes over time. So not much work was needed to get them up to speed with the JomSocial 3.0 Release. As of now all our JomSocial extensions work without any issues with JomSocial 3.0 . 

So if you are upgrading your JomSocial site or Building a fresh new one, make sure you have the best JomSocial extensions out there !  From making your site go Viral with Invitex & Broadcast , adding awesome interactivity with J!Bolo & People Suggest, to Monetizing it with addons like SocialAds , JGive & JTicketing; Techjoomla's Social extensions are a must have for Every JomSocial site ! 

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