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Facebook & LinkedIn have more than proven the importance of having an intelligent suggestion system to enhance the depth of connections in a Social network. People suggest brings all that & more for your very own Social Network!

With Multiple logic algorithms powering suggestions, People suggest is a tool your Social Network cant afford not having!

  • User Suggestions - Personal recommendations from Friends
  • Intelligent Profile field Matching (Previously Network Suggest)
  • Suggestion Preferences - Users can specify Suggestion preferences New!
  • Mutual Friend Analysis to find "People You May Know" (Previously People You May know)
  • Invitex Email import Analysis (if enabled in Invitex)
  • Combinations of above modes in Priority & Random
  • Admin can decide to choose whether to allow User Preferences for suggestions & how much priority to give to the preferences.
  • Native JS notifications & email notifications for the 'Recommend Friends'

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Features of People Suggest

Profile Suggestions

Suggest users based on matching profile fields

People You May Know

Mutual Friends analysis to find people likely known to youLet Friends recommend people you should connect with 

Recomended Friends

Let Friends recommend people you should connect with

Invitex Integration

Use Contact import data from Invited to suggest friends 

Matchmaking Support 

 Allows you to show suggestions of the opposite gender for Network Suggest  

User Preferences

Users can control what kind of suggestions they want from Profile Suggestions


Use all modes in order of importance to show the best matches or randomly 

Matrix Layouts

 Show users in a rows & columns as suited to your needs

Multiple Copies

Create as many copies of the modules as you want

JBolo Integration

Integrates with JBolo to let you chat then & there\

Ignore Suggestions

Dont Like a suggestion? Ignore it! 


Use with JomSocial or Community Builder

Know more feature details here

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