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The most comprehensive Invitations system with native api contacts import, automated invitations, intelligent invites, rich invites content, tracking, points integration & much much more

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Invitex was written with a very clear goal in mind - Help site administrators increase their site visitors & members using Viral Invitations. We can easily say that Invitex is the best invitation tool-set available for Joomla today. We not only give the best tools to help users import contacts & send invitations via email & private messaging, but also give some great features like rich content to improve the conversion rates of your invitation as well as automated invitations & reminders. Read on below to read about all the great features Invitex offers you.

Features of Invitex

 1Better Bootstrap utilization and AWESOME NEW UI 

This version brings an awesome bootstrap styling & a new layout to give your site viral invitation tool an irresistible new look! The old layout is revamped plus we have added a nice new one as well!


Let your Guests send Invitations with Captcha protection

Any visitor/guest user on the site can now invite their friends on the site. All they have to do is enter their name and email and use Invitex.



Selection 003

Ability to redirect to Invitation on Login with the ability to Skip

Remind your users to send out a few invitations after each login. This feature will allow you to redirect users to the Invitations page immediately after login & ask them to send Invitations. They can skip this of-course. Settings will also allow you to let this happen every time or Randomly.

3Social Network Batching

Making requests to different Social Networks in batches so that the users have a seamless experience while inviting their friends.
The limitations that many Social Networks on the number of Messages or notifications we can send using their OAuth APIs. is handled in this batching process.  Which means that a user can invite all the Facebook friends in one go. However, the application will send these requests to Facebook in batches so that your app doesn't hit its limits!



 altUser Information Plugin for Rich Personalised Landing pages

Introducing a new content plugin to make the custom landing pages for Invitex using a Joomla Article & any custom content much more rich and awesome.



registration types

Registration Invitations with support for multiple Registration Systems

Invitex allows you to invite users to register on your website. Tight integrations with  Native Joomla, JomSocial, Community Builder & XIPT registration systems gives you the flexibility to chose.

What this means is, If you use any of these systems, invitations will be properly tracked.  

invite anywhere

Invitex Anywhere - Send Invites for Anything - Not Just registration

With its extremely scalable feature called as Invitex Anywhere, we let you extend the awesome features of Invitex to invite for absolutely anything!

Create highly configurable Invite types and use the full power of Invitex to send Invites for virtually anything - JomSocial Groups, Events, Joomla Articles, A Custom component page.. just about anything!


manual inviteAwesome Manual Invitations interface

A great & intuitive interface for letting users manually enter email addresses to invite with quick validation to ensure correct entry






api invites

Native API integration for Contact import from Major Email Services & Social Networks

We provide native integrations with major email services & social networks to give you the best & correct way to let people import their contacts & invite them to your site. Currently the following services are supported.

  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Orkut
  • Twitter 

Invite via URLlink invite

Give the flexibility to invite users via a unique URL & also track all invites & sign-ups via this invitation.


csv invite

CSV Imports

Users can import users in bulk by uploading a CSV file with contact data.



Selection 004

Name Cards

Give users great looking name cards which are available in various formats with their own unique URL which are given to users as Widgets to use to promote the site on their blogs etc.








jomsocial invite

JomSocial Friend Invitations ( in Invitex Anywhere in non registration Invitations)

With this, when using Invitex for other extensions or pages other than registration, one might want to invite his existing friends on this site. This feature lets you do that & sends the invite via JomSocial PM.


oi invitesOpen Inviter Integration ( Not covered in support)

Option to integrate with Open Inviter to add additional mail services. Open inviter is a third party integration that you may use if you wish. But its not covered under our support scope. We recommend using Native API plugins instead.



Invite Only Registrationconfig

Maintain exclusivity by restricting new invitations to be only via invitation.


Invitation During Registration

Let users send Invites as an integrated part of your Registration process.

Auto Connect Successful Invitees

If you are using CB or JomSocial, the inviter & invitee shall be automatically connected as friends.

8Quick Contact Search on Import

Most people have huge contact lists & its critical to be able to search to find the contacts you want to send Invites to.

Intuitive Imports View with Photos & Names

Using Native APIs we get Names & Photos of contacts which makes the view rich & comfortable for end users. We also show number of selected contacts so that the user knows how many people the invite will go out to. 


7See selected contacts in separate tab

If you are popular, you will probably have thousands of contacts in your Gmail / Facebook and even in other networks. With so many contacts, it becomes hard to remember which ones you selected to Invite to the site. This feature will show the selected contacts in a separate tab making it much better from a usability perspective.




invite statsfrontInvitation Tracking & Re Sending Invites

Users can track the invites they have sent, see invite statistics & resend invites.




Domain Limitations on Invitation emailsdomain validate

Ability to set domain limitations on which email addresses can the invite be sent to. Useful for closed networks, colleges & government applications.


Find Friendsfindfriends

Discover friends during the invitation process. Invitex will show friends that are already on the site during the import process & give the user the option to add them as friends. You can also display our people suggest module on this page to suggest even more friends.




invite limitsInvitation Limits

The admin can choose global invitation limits & per user invitation limits. He can also set limits on a per user basis. In addition, per session invitation limits can also be set globally to avoid system abuse. Limits only apply to email invites.

cronbatchBatch Processing

You can configure Invitex to send invitations in batches by setting a batch size & configuring the Invitex cron such that the outgoing emails are within your server limits so that you can use Invitex on shared servers.

stats dashboardInvitation Stats Dashboard

The site admins are given comprehensive & useful invitation statistics via a great looking dashboard in the admin area.




Reward your users with Points IntegrationPoints System Integration

Invitex integrates with JomSocial points as well as Alpha user points allowing you to allocate points to both the Inviter & Invitee when they send invites & sign up respectively. Applies to registration invites.

Monetary Rewards via Affiliate systems Integration

Give your users monetary rewards by using the Invitex integrations with various affiliate systems. Dioscouri’s Amigos system already integrates with Invitex via a plugin. Invitex has an easy to use API so developers can easily integrate any system of their choice

IDevAffiliate, Post Affiliate pro integrations are currently under development.

multilingualMultilingual Invitation Support


Invitex supports use of language constants in invitations thus making it possible to set up Invitex to send multilingual invitations depending on the active site/user language




auto remind

Manual & Automated Invitation Reminder

Users typically invite friends once & forget about it. With Invitex, the Admin can manually send invitation reminders to already invitex people or setup Invitex to send ‘X’ follow up invitations automatically. A Separate Invitation Reminder template can be configured as well, to have specially tailored content for these kind of invitations.

auto invitesIntelligent Automated Invitations

Invitex can send automated invitations to people that are likely to have their friends on your site. This is similar to the email Facebook sends “ Do you know Meg, Ryan, Sally ? ” If you let Invitex store imported contacts, then invitex can try to intelligently find people who have friends on your site & send them automated emails asking them to join up as well.





People Who Have Invited You

With this special data tag, Invitex will show people who have invited you to date to sign up on this site. This will show all past inviters with their avatar photo. This also compels users to sign up.

Rich Invitation Content using J!MailAlerts plugins

Invitex allows you to add rich dynamic & relevant content in your Invitation emails by using the ‘J!MailAlerts Integration’. This allows you to add content like Inviter Photos, Site News etc to your Invite email. Any J!mailAlerts plugin data can be shown in your Invite email. Rich & relevant Invitations are a Key to getting people interested & signing up.

Personalize Invites with Data Tags

The Email content as well as Subject is customizable as needed. You can also use data tags to increase the personalization of your email. Some of the available tags are as below.

[NAME] - Name of person receiving email
[INVITER] - Name of person sending email
[MESSAGE] - Message sent by Inviter
[AVATAR] - Profile picture of Inviter
[SITENAME] - Name of site
[SITELINK] -link to the Site
[SUBSCRIBE] - Link to sign up on site
[UNSUBSCRIBE] - Unsubscribe link
[PWIU] - People Who Have Invited You Before
[SITEURL] - Absolute Url to the Site
[EXPIRYDAYS] - Validity period for the link

CB & JomSocial Fields as Tags

Any CB or JomSocial fields - if you are using one of these integrations, can be included in the email using tags to further personalise your content.

Monetize your Invites with SocialAds Integration

Ability to insert Ads in emails via SocialAds & Monetize your Invitation emails. We highly recommend this as Invitations reach to inboxes of lots of users & have a high reach. You will need to have SocialAds to enable this feature.

 unsub listsInvite Unsubscribe


Let users unsubscribe from receiving invitations from your site. Choice is power. Give it to the users 



Detailed Configuration of Default Invitations & Typesinvite types

Admins have full control on how default Invitations as well Invitation types should be used. This includes deciding which invitation methods to make available, decide integrations - almost everything you can think of is configurable. Most of the configuration can be overriden on a type level. 

Configurable Templates for HTML as well as texttemplates

Regular Invitations, Invitation types, reminders - basically all emails & content that Invitex will send is completely customisable & configurable by using templates.




google analyticsGoogle Analytics Integration

Configure Invitex to add google analytics tracking code to all links to see how much traffic its bringing you.


Support Virtuemart as the Registration provider

For those of you using Virtuemart, now Invitex will be able to track registrations via Virtuemart as well!

Rewards for Invitations Sent

Now give out rewards to your users for just sending invites and spread your world

Awesome Intelligent Notifications - With Both Standard Email as well as Jomsocial Notifications Support

Notify your users via email, when a Friend joins the site or when an Invitation is accepted. You have the option to use direct email notifications for this or use JS Notifications if you have JomSocial.

Selection 005

Activity Stream Integrations for CB, JomWall & JomSocial & Social Push to Broadcast

Activity stream integrations for Community Builder, JomSocial & JomWall to display all your invitation activities like, "Parth just invited 50 friends to Techjoomla using the Invite friends tool & Earned 100 points!" We are doing.

Plus with a Broadcast plugin, the same note can be shouted out to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn as well if you have broadcast & the user has connected his accounts!

Ajaxed stepped loading for contacts

Enabling this feature will load imported contacts in batches & you will need to click load more to load more contacts. This is useful when users have lots of contacts & thus it takes more time to load.

Invitation Expiration

The admin can set email invitations to expire after ‘X’ days if he wants to.

Developer API

Plugin API for developers to modify content of the invitations on the fly. Many more plugin triggers available to let developers modify the working of Invitex.

Native API Plugins

Develop your own native API plugins to import contacts using our Social Plugins API from networks using OAuth or similar methods
Docs Pending

Invitex Anywhere API

The Invitex anywhere API can be used to tightly integrate Invitex & full tracking with any application. Its a great way to use all the great features of Invitex with your own application & also be able to track invites.
Docs Pending

Recommended Integrations

If you are using Invitex or planning to use it, we recommend you also go in for the following products.

People Suggest - Improved Suggestions with Imported contact analysis

People Suggest has a Invitex integration feature which lets you use Invitex import data to Suggest new friends to your website users. The Imported Contacts Analysis method is successfully used by Facebook as one of its many suggestion algorithms. People Suggest coupled with Invitex can give your users an enhanced Suggestion experience. Read more about this feature here. Read More about People Suggest here.

SocialAds - Ads in Emails

In a viral invitation system, your Invitation emails are sent to scores of people who might never have heard about your site or visited. These emails are potential advertising real estate for you! Increasing the advertising reach many fold, Invitex emails are a great place to push ads from your site in. If you are using SocialAds, you can setup AdsInEmail today! Read Monetizing your Invitaton Emails. Read more about SocialAds.

J!MailAlerts - Rich Targeted Email content for Invites for Improved Conversions

J!MailAlerts plugins are supported in Invitex allowing you to send Rich, targeted content in your Invitation Emails. Latest Site users, Latest Photos of the Inviter, Latest site News.. The list is pretty long as to what can be sent. Dynamic content that the Invitee can relate to is a sure shot way to make that conversion. Use this intelligently like Facebook & LinkedIn do & you will see steady growth in conversions. These can also be used in Invitation reminders.
Paid J!MailAlerts plugins (General) | JomSocial Specific Plugins | Free J!MailAlerts plugins.

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