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Shika 1.1.10 is here!


We are happy to bring you Shika 1.1.10 with some bug fixes and usability improvements. We recommend you to upgrade as soon as possible. Do read the release notes before upgrading. Read on for the complete changelog.


Issue Fixed

#108139 Manage Enrollment>> Unable to enroll users when importing through CSV.

#107962 Admin panel>> Create lesson >> Unable to edit Simple WYSIWYG Editor lessons content as every time it gets the default text of the editor.

#107701 Assign users list does not appear to the manager.

#107635 Admin panel>>Course enrollment view >> Usernames do not appear till we assign managers in the hierarchy. (This is a feature coming in upcoming releases that affected regular functioning)

#107570 Admin panel>> Course enrollment view>> Unassigned parent group is also shown in the list.

#106523 Gravatar URL does not get converted to the https when using SSL.

#105848 Added note on tool tip for lesson prerequisite de-selection

#103739 Admin panel>>For video type plugin show a note that 'For best video streaming experience use YouTube or Vimeo video types for uploading videos"

#78146 Admin panel>>Enrolling the users having different access level than course access level.

#108400 Quiz - When there are 3 attempts given, then after completing 2 attempts, while taking 3rd attempt error message shows 'Your attempts are exhausted'

#108648 Manage enrollment>>Import CSV>>user group column name>>Group ID column name changed to group name

#108741 Unable to load Bootstrap-2 file even after Shika config is ON from back panel.

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