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Quick2cart takes your shopping experience to a next level with v2.3!

Quick2cart takes your shopping experience to a next level with v2.3!

We’re very excited to announce the release of Quick2cart version 2.3. Quick2cart has always been a favourite extension for people who have and want to build an ecommerce shopping platform in Joomla!

With this release we will be unfolding the new boundaries of Quick2cart by Introducing plenty of features which will make sure that the user and admin experience is taken to new highs!

What’s new?

Buyer's Delight

Update attribute options during checkout process

This feature gives users a freedom of choice to change the attributes like color, size etc. even after the product has been added to the cart. There are always some last minute changes. ;)


Bulk Buying

Some store owners want to sell their product in bulk. They can set a min bulk quantity to be sold.

eg: If the store is selling a min bulk number of 10 pens which will be 1 quantity if the buyer selects quantity 2 he will have to buy 20 pens.

Provide facility to add buyer's comment while placing the order

Now during the checkout process buyers can add a comment which will be seen by the store owner and the admin. Buyer to store owner / admin communications is simplified.

eg: Please deliver my order only on weekends.

Admin’s & Store Owner’s Corner

Now shipping charges can be applied on cart level

This feature gives freedom to admin to manage the shipping charges. Admin (not the store owner) can set a threshold for the shipping charges to be applied or not. If a person is buying 4 products and the cart amount is above the threshold, no shipping charges will be applicable.

Cart based taxation

Instead of per product taxation the store owner can now choose to apply tax on the total price to all the products in the cart!

Order status change history with notes/comment - in backend order details view

Admin can add order specific comments based on the status of the order for store owners. For eg: payment received, Product out of stock etc.


Update attribute options, order status, tax, shipping from administrator order

Even after the checkout is complete and the billing is done, If the buyer still wants to make some changes in the order. He can contact the admin and the admin has the freedom to edit the order form backend.


Add new compact order and invoice template with resend invoice facility

The new order and invoice template is more compact and renovated now. Plus admin now has the freedom to send the same invoice multiple times if necessary.


Provide facility to send payment to store owner via Paypal

Now instead of the buyer's payment going directly to admin this Quick2cart provides a facility wherein the entire payment from the buyer can directly be sent to the store owner

Note: (When single store checkout is enabled and admin commission is set to 0)

Allow store owner to view pending orders and allow to change pending order status

Store owners now have the freedom to view all the pending orders and change their status from the frontend (store owner’s view)

All the existing Quick2cart subscribers will be delighted to see that this version is going to shower so many features. People who want to start an ecommerce online shopping platform, feel free to ask any questions. Quick2cart it all!

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