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Quick2Cart 3.0.0 is here with TJ Vendors integration


We have released a brand new update for our Joomla multi-vendor shopping cart. Quick2Cart 3.0.0 is here with TJ Vendors integration. We have already integrated TJ Vendors with our other products such as JGive and JTicketing. Besides this brand new feature, we have fixed plenty of bugs in this release.

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Read on for the detailed changelog.


TJ Vendors integration

With the TJ Vendors integration in Quick2Cart, site administrators can now set commission fees for the different vendors. Site administrators can set flat as well as fixed commission on every order against the products created by that vendor.

Site administrators can very easily manage and track payouts for different vendors with the vendor payout reports. Site administrators can also handle bulk payouts.

Existing and New Vendors can now fill the vendor information along with their payment gateway details.

Site Administrators can either directly allow new vendors to register on the site or they have to seek the site administrator's approval first in order to register on the site.


- Feature (1) - 

  • #136504 TJ-vendors integration

- Bugs Fixed (7):

  • #170577 If stock is disabled from q2c config and min max quantity is enabled then min max check not applied on checkout page
  • #169169 If 2 or more payment plugins are enabled on the site and only one payment plugin is configured to be used in Quick2Cart config then incorrect payment html is shown to the user
  • #163236 Admin -> Validation missing for Shipping method form on click Save and close button
  • #162590 CCK Integration Joomla Articles -> Quick2Cart section - the uploaded e-product file disappear after the edit
  • #162343 Shipping method form - validation missing for quantity field
  • #169499 Unable to create products from backend
  • #159306 Add/edit product - Alignment missing for Product image field
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