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Quick2Cart 2.9.19 is here with promotions specific to Joomla User Groups


We have released a brand new update for our Joomla multi-vendor shopping cart. Quick2Cart 2.9.19 is here with promotions specific to Joomla user groups. This release introduces the facility to auto-refresh cart amount on change of quantity or attribute in cart checkout. Besides this, the release also addresses many bugs reported by our subscribers.

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Read on for the detailed changelog.


Promotions specific to Joomla User Groups

Quick2Cart 2.9.19 introduces Promotions specific to Joomla User Groups. Site Administrators can now set the promotion rules based on the Joomla user groups so that users belonging to a particular user group will get the discounts on the products.


Auto-refresh cart amount on change of quantity or attribute in cart checkout

With Quick2Cart 2.9.19, the cart amount is automatically refreshed during checkout when the product quantity or product attribute is altered.


- Feature (2) - 

  • #161014 Ability to create promotions specific to Joomla User Groups.
  • #154621 Auto-refresh cart amount on change of quantity or attribute in cart checkout

- Bugs Fixed (19):

  • #160606 For multicurrency:- Attribute price for different currencies is not shown correctly in the cart
  • #158205 Able to create store more than the configured limit in 'Store Limit for Each User'
  • #158172 Cart view - if the user changes cart currency the UI is distorted.
  • #158075 Cart popup - popup inside a popup is open when we click on the product name.
  • #156682 Discounted price of products is displayed to users even after disabling the “discounts” from the configuration.
  • #147253 user is able to add a product to cart without adding details in the compulsory attribute of the product
  • #146476 Product count in the category list also includes unpublished products
  • #135169 Cart Checkout - Once the user is on review and pay tab then he should not be able to change order details
  • #125781 Display URL not found when user try to edit country or region
  • #125781 My orders - Open order - Order pdf is not displayed
  • #119428 Shipping profile form view - Shipping provider and shipping method disappear from the list after saving shipping profile
  • #119398 Store customer count mismatch on frontend dashboard.
  • #117043 The product search box mentioned some extra fields which cant be used for filters.
  • #117031 Cart Checkout - Billing info bar not looking good in mobile view
  • #114386 Products list view - Search input for products pin view also appears on my products list view
  • #110490 Country and state for the store is not displayed on store info page
  • #93589   Billing form view - Cancel button is missing
  • #62455   Add to cart - Click on add to cart multiple times same item added multiple times.
  • #51029   Product creation view - Lot buying - The minimum quantity should be less than the maximum quantity
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