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Our Experiments with Agile & Status of current sprints for SocialAds & JTicketing

If you have been following our blogs, you'll know that we are experimenting withuse of Agile for our Product development process & as a test are having two scrum teams each working on a release of SocialAds & JTicketing.  So far the progress has been great & we have learnt a lot of things along the way.



Many of you have been participating in the feedback & testing process as well ! Thanks a lot for that. Early feedback on the Alpha's is helping us close the gap between expectations & actual development. 

Where we Are

The agile teams on each product have worked for approximately 3 sprints on each of these releases so far. At this point the alphas contain 80% of the features you can expect in the final release. The current sprints will focus on code re factoring , UI improvements & bug fixes besides getting the feature set complete.

The Agile effect

We have found that in agile mode we have been much more efficient and detail oriented and the same is already reflecting in the products. Special emphasis is being given on taking the UI/UX of our extensions to the next level. We have had a dedicated QA on each team for the last 2 sprints and that's making an impact.

We hope to bring you two of the most stable & beautiful releases ever from Techjoomla when we get to the stable versions !

What to expect from the Alpha releases ?

As promised , we are pleased to announce the availability of two alphas this week for the community to test. Well as in the name, they are still Alpha releases. So please only use them on test sites. The Current Alphas are more or less feature complete. Our focus is now on Stability & better UI & UX along with bug fixes. 

So Join us in making these releases awesome !

Stay Informed

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