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JMailAlerts 2.4.4.beta.1 Released. Feedback & test reports requested

Its time for a Subscriber Connect for J!MailAlerts, our most popular Free extension. We believe that the success of our products is highly dependant on building on ideas that help you solve your problems. In order to improve our communication with you & have an active ear for your needs, feedback & inputs we are starting a Newsletter + Blog series to get your direct inputs for all our Products. Its called Subscriber Connect !

The current release is ready.. Already in Beta. But we are taking this opportunity to open up a communication channel with you ! We would like you to use the comments section to report any issus you find in this release & also tell us what you would like to see in future releases.

Points to be noted

- This beta release may differ from the stable product.
- Please do not install it on your live site.
- You are advised to use & test this on development sites.

Steps for fresh install

1. Install jmail alerts 2.4.4.beta.1 package
2. Install and enable necessary JMailAlerts plugins
3. Configure all parameters and legacy parameters for all installed plugins
4. Create new alerts, publish newly created alerts
5. Perform a sync operation
6. Try simulation
7. Try running cron job url in the browser.

Steps for upgrading

1. Direct Install jmail alerts 2.4.4.beta.1 package
2. Try simulation
3. Try running cron job url in the browser.

What's new

Mange Alerts view

* You can now publish/unpublish alert types (Email will go out only for published alert types)
* You can check & set/unset an alert as "default for new users". So that when a new user registers to your site he/she will be automatically subscribed to all the alerts that are set as default.

 You can see:
- Total number of users who have subscribed to corresponding alert
- Total number of users who have un-subscribed to corresponding alert
- Total number of users who never opted-in to corresponding alert

Sync view
Added a checkbox to let admin "Resync" the users who have unsubscribed to one or more alerts

Health Check View
- You will find a check for all basic and required settings for jmail alerts.

** Unpublished alerts shown at frontend on email alert preferences view & on sync view in the backend.
** Selecting a date from datepicker on simulation view is not resulting into expected output for simulation ( you can leave it empty for now its optional anyways )

Stay Informed

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