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SocialAds. Loved Geolocation ? What do you want next ?

Thanks a ton for being a Subscriber for SocialAds ! We hope you liked our latest release which Added Geolocation Support, Ad Slotting to improve & more :)
In order to improve our communication with you & have an active ear for your needs, feedback & inputs we are starting a Newsletter + Blog series to get your direct inputs. Here is a list of what have have got planned for the next version - 2.7.5. What would you like to see in addition to this ? What do you love about SocialAds & what do you hate about it ? Tell us !

Currently Planned Features for 2.7.5

  • Affiliate Ads & Google Adssense support
  • Payment Slabs
  • Recurring Payments for
  • GIF animations support
  • Flash Banner Ads support
  • Ability to Archive stats table to reduce load
  • Social Engagement for Ads - JBolo Chat Support, JomSocial Like , Facebook Like

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