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Invitex v2.8.7 minor update with bug-fixes released


Hey All,

We have released a minor update for Invitex. This release v2.8.7 includes fixes for following bugs.  We suggest you to upgrade to this version.

- Bugs Fixed

- #29862 Site user receives three Notification messages, if any of the imported email adderesses joins the site and integration is set to Jomsocial
- #29865 Do not sent "Automated Email Invitations" to users already registered on site
- #29651 TechjoomlaAPI Hotmail plugin not working, always redirecting to home page when clicked in icon
- #28869 Recaptcha is not shown on Invitex page as mootools.js is not getting loaded
- #29877 Gmail API get conatcts error : string could not be parsed as XML
- #29126 User information plugin used for Custom landing page - The subscribe link that is shown on this plugin always redirect to same page
- #29128 No "Optional Message" is shown in the Invitation in case of "FB request message"
- #29652 Language constant missing for "Invite Url" text in namecard view
- #28950 Language constant missing for INV_MAIL_SUBJECT


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