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JUG Pune August Meetup : They came, they gathered, they talked Joomla !

JUG Pune August Meetup :  They came, they gathered, they talked Joomla !

Joomla as a community has always been a close to me. Was really overwhelmed to attend the JUG (Joomla User Group) Pune meet. We had 30 odd people attending this meetup.

Learnt many new things through the presentation given by Parth Lawate and Ashwin Date, exchange of ideas took place with developers across Pune. Thought of sharing this experience with you.

The Sessions

This is the coolest thing about the JUG meetup is that its planned to be fun as well as productive. The sessions make sure that JUG attendees get nuggets of wisdom and new information every time !

Building it right with Joomla 3

This was something we all need to know about. The first session was a presentation by Parth, CEO at Techjoomla & currently Strategic Marketing Manager for the Joomla Project on Building it right with Joomla 3 .  The presentation talked about key points you need to know about & make sure you do right while building a Joomla site. You can have a look at the presentation and add somethings to your knowledge.

Building it right with Joomla 3 ! from Parth Lawate

Mistakes that Joomla developers make...

After Parth’s session, Ashwin Date - CTO of Tekdi Web Solutions conducted this session where we realised that it was time to go in depth of Joomla and talk about the core which is obviously the development part.

He started his presentation with the heading as “10 things you are doing wrong in Joomla”. Well the heading itself was interesting as we are habitual of making mistakes while writing the code. The mistakes which were covered in the topic were accepted by all us. This session turned out to be a very helpful discussion as all the Joomla folks actively participated in it.



 Community Discussions

Once we were done with the sessions, the focus shifted to improving the local community for Joomla. Various topics were discussed under this.

 Forming Teams

One of the best idea at meetup was to create awareness about Joomla in colleges. We had 5 volunteers to work on this. They will be educating budding engineers about Joomla by arranging Joomla sessions as part of our Local Joomla awareness campaign. Sanjivani, Sachin, Durgesh, Pranav & Vidyasagar are the cool people who have taken up the mantle of conducting 5 sessions in nearby colleges by end of December 2014.

Contributions to Joomla

We also discussed on our contribution to Joomla and what kinda measure we need to take to raise Joomla’s  market share. Joomla folks shared their valuable thoughts. To make sure that this flow continues and is never disrupted we decided to meet on the 1st Saturday  of every month. Techjoomla has agreed to make its office space available for the same.

Jug Infrastructure

Key pieces of the JUG infrastructure on the Web which includes the Joomla Day India Website, Social Media Pages & groups on Facebook, Twitter, Meetup etc to be managed by the Infrastructure team which includes Amol, Vaishali, Kirtikumar, Umesh and Sneha.

 All in all the JUG Pune August meetup was awesome fun and productive too. We missed you all that could not make it ! Hope to see you at the next JUG meet ! :)


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