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Joomla Pizza & Bugs at the Tekdi & Techjoomla Offices - Starts 1 PM on 16th March.

Its that time again where there's plenty of Bug Squashing fun & Pizza .. Not necessarily & that order ! Everyone here at Tekdi & Techjoomla will be participating in Joomla Pizza Bugs & Fun tomorrow starting 1 PM & you are invited ! Joomla's PBF is typically a one day event with the main purpose of squashing bugs before a release, while having fun with the Joomla community. These are usually virtual events with some live local venues around the world.

How to Get there if you are in Pune

Techjoomla, Tekdi Web Solutions 106, Saket Apts.Vithal Mandir Road.Karvenagar. Pune 411052. Maharashtra India. Tel.+91 020 25457905 . Time : 1:00PM. - 5:30PM. [GMT+5.5]. Please get your Laptops . Wifi & Pizza will be provided :)

Who can participate?

You don't have to be a coder or a Joomla coder or expert to help at the event. If you can code, jump in to squash bugs & test & confirm patches that have been submitted against bugs. If you would rather not code, you can test & report bugs ,write documentation.

Get Connected with everyone at the Event

  1. If you use Twitter, follow @JoomlaBugSquad and use the hashtag #JoomlaPBF
  2. If you use Skype, join us on our instant messagging Skype group chat for PBF.  To join the Skype group, add "nick.savov" as a contact and he'll get you added to the group.
  3. There are also a number of live local venues around the world, including one at Joomla!Day Boston.  To see a list of live venues, click here.

Some Awesome Resources Thanks to !

  1. Report a Joomla Bug
  2. Official PBF Documentation

Windows PC resources:

  1. How to install Joomla locally
  2. How to install TortoiseGit
  3. How to create a local version of the Joomla Github Repository using TortoiseGit
  4. How to update your local repository using TortoiseGit
  5. How to test a Joomla patch using TortoiseGit

Mac resources:

  1. How to install Joomla locally
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