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Roadmap for the Mobile App v2.0

Roadmap for the Mobile App v2.0

Hiya Everyone!

First, thank you very much for all the suggestions and improvements you suggested to all of the apps. As promised, putting down here the features and plan for the v2.0 of the combined app (P.S. It's v2.0 directly to avoid any version naming confusion). The combined app will sport Easysocial, Easyblog & JGive to start with. Here's a list of features for each section that will be available in v2.0. Most of these features were already available in the respective singular apps, but since the combined app is a significant rewrite, listing down all the features.

We're still working out a date for this release, and late October / early November seems to be working out. I'm still discussing with the Stackideas team in regards to the Easysocial APIs, will update with a date soon!


  1. List of my friends
  2. Add as a friend
  3. User search
  4. Newsfeed, with all filters working
  5. Comments + Likes
  6. Status update with photo support
  7. The login bug where the app forced you to quit in case of an incorrect login


  1. Write blog
  2. Latest Blogs
  3. Search
  4. Read blog with sharing option
  5. Blogs by category
  6. Native comments
  7. Tags


  1. Campaign List
  2. Campaign Details
  3. Campaign Stats

Once out, we will of course have price protection for the subscribers of individual apps. You will be able to upgrade to the combined app (we will mostly call it JUnite) by paying an upgrade fee, which would be more or less the difference between the costs. There will also be a plan which bundles in further builds of the app, since we realised a lot of our clients may not be able to set up the infrastructure needed for creating the builds.

P.S. - We are currently struggling with the DISQUS comments, and are working on getting back the comments on older posts. Meanwhile, you can use this thread to continue discussing the apps.


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