The Joomla Speak!

The Joomla Speak!

We all are aware that Joomla has turned 10 this year. It has been a long journey full of innovation, rough patches, excitement and progress.

Over the years,  Joomla has grown bolder, prettier and smarter; winning hearts and awards. To celebrate this year and make it more exciting we are conducting a series of interviews and will publish them on regular intervals.

In this series of interviews we will talk to many people from the Joomlaverse - from contributors to leaders, from system integrators to end users, from extension developers to template developers .

With this we hope to bring you a slice of perspectives from everyone this amazing software and community have touched.

So, our First interview in the Series will be of Joe Sonne who is one of the Board Members of Open Source Matters and a Joomla contributer. Stay Tuned for this upcoming interview!

Get on Board! Express yourself!!

While we will be conducting interviews with many of the selected Stakeholders, we are also looking to interview many more. Are you interested in answering a few questions on your Favourite CMS ?  Just write to us via the contact form and we'll send you a small form to fill out !

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