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Quick2Cart 2.9.11 is here with toast notifications!


Quick2Cart 2.9.11 has been released with an improvement-toast notification for products added to the cart. Besides this, we have fixed a lot of bugs in this version. We recommend you to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Do read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version.

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Read on for the feature improvement description and detailed changelog.

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Invitex 3.0.7 is here!


We are happy to bring you Invitex v3.0.7 with the list view in admin side for showing stats of "Users Registered using Invite via URL invitation Method". Besides this, we have also fixed a couple of bugs in this version. Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading to the latest version.

Read on for the detailed feature description along with the screenshot.

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PDF Embed 2.1.7 has been released along with compatibility with Joomla 3.8.7


We are happy to release PDF Embed 2.1.7, which is a maintenance release. This version is compatible with the latest version of Joomla, Joomla 3.8.7. Read on for the Upgrade instructions and complete changelog.

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If you are upgrading from an older version, go through the following instructions:

After upgrading the plugin, go to "upgrade sites" section in the administrator area and click on rebuild button after deleting the records that correspond to PDF Embed on the same page.

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Giving your site Advertisers the best ROI from advertising on your website


Why is Advertising an important source of revenue?

Advertising probably is the most successful way to earn money online. While businesses have been experimenting with a variety of business models for raising revenue from online properties, this is the only model that has worked really really well.

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JGive 2.1.1 is here!


JGive 2.1.1 is out! This is primarily a bug fix release in which we have fixed a couple of bugs. We would like to thank our subscriber, Philippe for reporting one of the issues. We recommend you to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Do read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version as there are some backward compatibility breaks in this release.

Read on for the detailed changelog.

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Joomla Day Netherlands is going to take place on 13th and 14th April, 2018 in Eindhoven


Joomla Day Netherlands will take place for two days from Friday, April 13th to Saturday, April 14th, 2018 in Eindhoven at the world renowned High Tech Campus! It is the 13th edition of the Dutch Joomla day. Joomla Day Netherlands is an interactive event for both Joomla beginners and advanced users. It is a great platform for knowledge sharing and to meet other Joomla users across the world. On Friday, a number of workshops are going to be conducted to show an in-depth analysis of some of the things one can do with Joomla along with providing information on tools we use with Joomla. Some of the speakers for the event like Paul Delbar and Sander Potjer have been associated with Joomla for a long time. Also for all the foodies, an amazing Italian buffet awaits you at the event. There will also be a separate presentation for Joomla newcomers and Joomla beginners. Saturday’s session will highlight the amazing things going on in the world of Joomla. All the social events would take place in the evening after the sessions are completed.

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Creating Rich Personalised Certificates with Shika


Isn’t it a great feeling when you are rewarded and recognised when you complete a milestone or a goal? Online courses are no different. In fact, for online courses, recognition is even more important as they lack the physical touch points and personal motivation that is usually part of ‘In Person’ learning.  Low completion rates are the biggest bane of online learning. Rewards and recognition is a great way to fight this.

Personalised certificates are just one of the many features that Shika offers to let you reward your users.

A certificate is much more than a piece of paper. It is a recognition of one’s work and gives a sense of entitlement.They are a great way to showcase your achievements & add to one’s academic and work profile.

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Read on for the detailed features.

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JGive 2.1 is here with powerful reporting, a rebooted campaign creation experience and much more!


It’s been a while since the release of JGive 2.0. Earlier, we had published a blog regarding the roadmap of JGive 2.1. In the meanwhile, we have done some minor releases for JGive with security fixes and bug fixes.

We are happy to bring you JGive 2.1 with major UI improvements along with integrations with our multiple infrastructure extensions like TJ Reports, TJ Vendors and TJ notifications along with new reporting features. We have also completely refactored the create campaign view. This is our second major release as a part of JGive nEXT series.                             

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Shika 1.2.6 is here with two brand new features and minor bug fixes!


We’ve done back to back releases of Shika in the last few days - v1.2.5 which was a bug fix and security release and 1.2.6 which fixes a few bugs and introduces 2 new features.

As our endeavour, our security team is continuously trying to make Techjoomla products safer. We recommend you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

Read on for the features and detailed changelog.

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PDF Embed 2.1.6 has been released


We are happy to release PDF Embed 2.1.6, which is a maintenance release addressing bug fixes for reported issues. Also, this includes the updated version of PDFJS library. Read on for the Upgrade instructions and complete changelog.

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JTicketing 2.1 brings powerful reports powered by TJ Reports, a tighter Shika integration & integrated jLike


We are happy to bring you JTicketing 2.1 with mobile friendly user interface, major UI improvements, tighter integration with Shika and jLike integrated and bundled into the core extension. TJ Reports integration has brought powerful reports, the jLike integration brings a powerful blended User calendar and some great Classroom training features. This is just the tip of feature iceberg. We’ve managed to squeeze in quite a few things more than what we had promised in the roadmap blog !

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Read on to get the complete details on what this version brings. Make sure you read our release notes before you upgrade as backward compatibility breaks in this release.

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Shika 1.2.3 is here with ajax based reports!


Shika 1.2.3 introduces an infrastructure upgrade with TJ Reports bringing Ajax to the reporting engine. We have also added a UX fix where now you can see enrolled users in a course in a popup. Besides this, we have 20+ bug fixes. We recommend you upgrade to this version soon.

Read the release notes carefully before upgrading to the latest version. Also, go through 1.2 release notes and instruction in case you are updating Shika 1.2.3 directly from Shika 1.1.x.

Read on for the detailed changelog

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Techjoomla is sponsoring CMS Africa Summit 2018


CMS Africa has become one of the premier technology events in Africa that brings together people across the globe including web developers, online marketers, software engineers, online retailers, web administrators, online banking admins and company owners. Initially, it all started with a small event called Joomladay Kenya - an event about Joomla!-the CMS. But then people in the tech-world weren’t  just using Joomla, they were also using other CMS’s like WordPress, Drupal among others. This idea eventually led to first CMS Africa Summit that was held at Strathmore Univerisity, Nairobi in 2014.

CMS Africa Summit 2018 is going to be held at the Kigali Marriott Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda on 16th-17th March, 2018. The event will feature hackathons and sessions by key speakers from people across the CMS world along with interactions and knowledge sharing between the event attendees on a variety of topics. 

Read on for more details and some amazing news for event attendees.

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Security release updates for JTicketing, JGive and Invitex plus bug fix release for JBolo


We always aim to keep our customers’ sites free from any vulnerabilities, so our security team is continuously trying to make Techjoomla products safer. As a part of this, we recently discovered some issues with JGive, JTicketing and Invitex. An updated version for these 3 products is now available, and all our customers are requested to immediately upgrade to the newer versions.

Along with the security fixes, a few minor enhancements are included in some of the extensions. With these releases, we’re also making it easy for you to know if you’re using an old version. Additionally, we’re also making a bug-fix release for JBolo.

Read on for more information regarding the exciting renewal discount.

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Shika 1.2 is here with teacher and manager reports, Bootstrap 3 support and more !


The wait is over! We are super excited to announce the release of Shika 1.2 which brings Bootstrap 3 support, User Hierarchy awareness and a plethora of reporting enhancements with TJ reports integration. Between TJ Reports and Hierarchy awareness it is now possible for managers to view reports of a user reporting to them. What’s more, the reporting now also understands the concept of ownership and allows Course creators to view reports about the courses created by them.

Please note that this is a major release and involves a migration which is however painless. Also since the layouts have been revamped to support Bootstrap 3, any overrides you have done might need some rework. On installation do not forget to click the ‘Fix’ buttons on both Shika and Jlike Components. Detailed instructions are given in the release notes. Make sure you read them carefully before you upgrade !!

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